Peter Andre fans stunned by son Junior's singing talent and beg him to duet with his superstar dad

PETER Andre fans have urged him to take son Junior to a recording studio after being stunned by the teenager’s ‘incredible’ singing voice.

Junior, 15, is Peter’s eldest child, with ex-wife Katie Price, and looks just like his famous father with his big brown eyes and dark hair.

But it is not just his father’s good looks he’s inherited – Peter has also passed on his musical talent to his eldest child it seems.

Junior revealed his ability to belt out a tune in the latest episode of Peter’s YouTube show The Andres to its 79,000 subscribers.

The clip entitled Peter’s New Look Clothes Haul saw Peter joined by daughter Princess and Junior modelling the outfits their father had chosen for them online. 

Junior was not so keen on the jeans his dad had picked out for him.

Lounging on the sofa, as Princess went off to try on the swag her dad had bought her, Peter sang, "I believe I’m a fly – that’s what a maggot said to another maggot."

Junior finished his lyric, belting out the words: "I believe I can touch the sky."

As Peter rambled something further about maggots and flies, viewers were transfixed by Junior’s voice as he continued singing over his dad: "Think about it every night and day…spread my wings and fly…"

Further along in the episode he sang Amazing Grace, joined by little sister Princess, 13. 

The video has already received 49,000 views with fans clamouring in the comments to hear more of Junior’s amazing vocals and for him to duet with Peter.

One fan wrote: “Junior has an amazing singing voice. Should do a duet with his dad.”

Another added: “Wow lovely voice Junior, get him in the studio he’s a natural I’d love to hear him singing more.” 

A third viewer wrote: “Junior is such an amazing singer!! Should show it off more.”

Sadly, despite all the positive comments Junior said he won’t be singing again on the videos and revealed he was not singing properly, so don’t expect an album coming from the teenager anytime soon.

“You know everyone in the comments is going to think…that’s not me trying by the way because before I sang really badly on purpose and people thought that was me singing – they actually said I had a good singing voice!” he said.

Holding his hands in the prayer sign for thanks, Junior continued: “You know what I appreciate you. I’m never singing on camera again because if I actually try, I’ll be bad then it’s just going to go left so I’m not even going to try to do that. Anyway…”

Junior has featured in several of his parent’s popular television series and signed his first modelling contract in early 2018.

Last October he bagged his first acting role –starring alongside his father in new film On The Other Foot, directed by Fredi Nwaka.

The film is a comedy which tells the story of a racist man finding himself in the body of a black man.

Peter revealed the news, saying: “As well as concentrating on new music I’ve been filming for a new film. I’m also happy to say that Junior will have his first acting role in this film too and he’s really excited.”

Director Fredi was impressed by Junior’s performance writing on the teen’s Instagram page: “Bro…you killed it. That last bit you did.”

English-Australian singer-songwriter Peter Andre, 48, shot to fame in the UK in 1996 with the release of the song Mysterious Girl. He’s since gone on to release several albums.

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