Outer Banks Deputy Shoupe star Cullen Moss exposes key scene change

Outer Banks: Trailer for third season

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Outer Banks’ Deputy Shoupe (played by Cullen Moss) was initially the antagonist in the first season of the action-packed adventure series. He was putting a stop to the Pogues’ plans at every opportunity, with some Netflix fans believing he had an ulterior motive. As the drama has gone on, subscribers have gradually warmed to Shoupe, seeing he may not be the bad cop that he had been set up to be back in series one.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Outer Banks.

Outer Banks gang The Pogues have been on the hunt for treasure and solving the mystery of John B’s (played by Chase Stokes) dad Big John’s (Charles Halford) disappearance.

Everything came to a head in season three when they found themselves washed up on a deserted island without the trove of jewels.

It was actually Deputy Shoupe who went on to realise something was wrong and reported the teens missing, leading to a major hunt for the Pogues.

This wasn’t the first time Shoupe had the gang’s interests at heart, despite being perceived as a “buzz kill”.

When speaking to Express.co.uk, Shoupe star Cullen Moss talked about improvising a season two scene to make it feel more realistic.

“They are very open to improvisation and if you feel it and it helps move the scene along, if it’s true to your character, they’re always game for it, go for it”, he explained.

“Sometimes I can give them better warning than I do.

“I’ll get on set and right before a scene sometimes I say, ‘Hey, I don’t know if this works.'”

Moss continued: “There’s a scene where we come up in season two just after John B’s left and I’m there with the SBI and we pull up and the SBI all have guns pulled on the Pogues.

“I said [to the director], ‘Isn’t that weird?’ Wouldn’t I say, ‘Hey, put your guns down, I know these kids?’

“Even if we have this adversarial relationship, I know these kids, I know they’re not going to shoot a bunch of cops and SBI agents.

“So don’t I need to try and de-escalate and engage in a conversation – there was no dialogue written.

“And we’re losing light and Jonas [Pate, screenwriter] was like, ‘Yeah but what do you want to do?

“‘Well we’re just going to shoot it and do whatever you feel is right.’

“And so kind of a new scene grew from that.”

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He added: “Those guys are great to work with. And the writing’s great, that’s not a dig at the writing or to say it’s inadequate.

“But they always invite anything that will add to it and trust that we know our characters well enough.”

Fans were forced to wait two years for the latest lot of episodes to come out on Netflix, following series two’s 2021 release date.

Hopefully, the gap between series will be a lot less next time around for the teen drama.

Outer Banks returned for the third season in February 2023 with the cast and crew gathering at the show’s premiere in LA.

Days before the show was to come out on the streamer, it was revealed there would be a fourth season on its way.

With hype already surrounding the next series, subscribers are hoping to see the Pogues return in 2024.

Outer Banks is available to watch on Netflix.

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