'OutDaughtered': Adam and Danielle Busby Were Worried for Their Older Daughter When Danielle Was Pregnant With Quintuplets

Fans who watch OutDaughtered adore Danielle and Adam Busby as parents, but they’re really watching the show to watch the Busby quints. Adam and Danielle are father and mother to the only group of all-female quintuplet in the United States. And while we remember when the five little girls were just babies, it’s hard to believe they’re 4 years old and developing their own personalities and quirks as they go from infants to kids.

The quints are cute, but we can’t forget that Danielle and Adam also have another daughter — and that’s Blayke. Blayke is their calm and collected 8-year-old daughter who is often seen helping out however she can. And it turns out Danielle and Adam had some concerns for Blayke when they knew they were having the quints.

Danielle and Adam Busby had Blayke after battling infertility issues

Pregnancy never came easily for Danielle, and she documented her infertility journey on her blog, It’s a Buzz World. Danielle explained that she tried to get pregnant the first time for six months, and they soon discovered that Adam’s testosterone, sperm count, and motility were low. The couple then tried intrauterine insemination after taking medications to help with the pregnancy process, but nothing seemed to work. “During this whole time of going through infertility, obviously it is costly, time-consuming, and stressful. It definitely challenging time for Adam and I’s relationship,” Danielle wrote.

Thankfully, there was finally the day when Danielle discovered she was pregnant with Blayke. “There are no words to explain my love for my sweet Blayke. The journey it took to have her was a long and rough road…over 2 years of infertility,” Danielle wrote on the blog. But Danielle then added that her trust in her faith got her through the difficult times, as she knew it was all meant to be.

Danielle and Adam tried to get Blayke excited for the quintuplets

In this OutDaughtered clip, Adam and Danielle explain they wanted a little brother or sister for Blayke — but they never expected Danielle to get pregnant with quintuplets. “We go from having one daughter that’s our complete world to now she’s having to share us. And how is she gonna handle this? [sic],” Adam reflected in the clip. For that reason, Adam and Danielle decided they needed to get Blayke as excited for the five babies as possible. Adam further explained that they needed to “make as much of this about her as we possibly could and know that, you know, she’s a part of something really special.”

Danielle then explains that they created a huge presentation using baby t-shirts for Blayke to tell her how many brothers and sisters she was going to have. The Busby parents originally thought they were going to have four girls and one boy — and they noted that Blayke was particularly excited about the little boy. Later, the doctor noted it was actually all girls. Thankfully, Blayke didn’t seem to mind the switch.

Today, Blayke is a huge help with her sisters

She may only be 8 years old now, but Blayke is wise beyond her years. On OutDaughtered, she’s frequently seen helping her parents care for her younger siblings. And when Danielle and Adam get a free moment, they do their best to spend some alone time with Blayke, too.

As Danielle wrote on her blog to Blayke, “You are leaving these ‘kid years’ and turning into a little lady so fast. Your heart is so full of love and your soul is filled with so much grace.” The proud mom also wrote that she believes God created Blayke to be the perfect big sister to the quints. “Don’t ever forget God uniquely created you and YOU are one of a kind!” she wrote. “He created you knowing you would be given a huge responsibility to become a BIG SISTER, and not many little girls could adapt well with having quintuplet sisters…but you amaze me everyday with the motherly love you have for your sisters! [sic].”

While we’re all excited to see how the quints grow up, we also can’t wait to see what life has in store for Blayke on future OutDaughtered episodes, too.

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