Ore Oduba unveils his huge new Celeb SAS Who Dares Wins-inspired tattoo

ORE Oduba has revealed a huge new tattoo on his leg – inspired by his “life changing” time on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

The 35-year-old paid tribute to his son Roman with the inking, as he told followers how it was his youngster who kept him going through one particularly gruelling challenge – despite him ending up unresponsive and suffering from hypothermia.

The new piece shows a torch with large flames and his son Roman’s name.

In a lengthy and emotional post, Ore explained his decision behind such a permanent reminder of his time on the challenging show.

He wrote: “#inked SAS EP 3: the one when EVERYTHING changed… I’ve never felt emptier, exhausted and like I had nothing left to give than on that bloody mountain side. A gust of wind might’ve blown me over and I’d have never got back up. 

“The only thing that kept me going was my son. And not wanting to let him down. Somehow I made it to the finish and in the jeeps back to base. 

“I was unresponsive in the car and went to sleep that night with extreme hypothermia. Genuinely I thought I’d be medically withdrawn in the morning.”

However, he goes on to say how the extreme situation changed his life forever, as he wrote: “ I woke up a completely different person. Re-energised. Physically it was like the previous day hadn’t even happened… guys, it was MENTAL!!!! 

“I’d inherited a new drive and a new lease of life. I had no idea how I felt so good but I knew I had to seize the day, start on the front foot and grab whatever hellish task the DS had lined up for us by the absolute balls!!!”

He went on to detail how Ant Middleton had described him as a torch – “the longer you hold it, the brighter it shines”.

Ore credits the controversial TV star for changing his “entire outlook”

He added: “This tattoo acts as a daily reminder of my inner strength and to never let anyone dim my light. To always shine my torch bright. You don’t need to lift a fuel barrel to realise that. I LOVE it. Hope I made you proud, Roman 🔥 #shinebright #bepositive #yourestrongerthanyouthink #ink #tattoo #artwithmeaning.”

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