New Amsterdam Season 3: Max and Helen Share 'Confessions' as COVID Strikes Close — 2021 FIRST LOOK

The coronavirus pandemic will hit close to home for New Amsterdam when the NBC medical drama returns — and yet, fans of Dr. Max Goodwin and Dr. Helen Sharpe might have reason to celebrate despite difficult times at the hospital.

In TVLine’s exclusive first look at Season 3 (premiering in March 2021), Max and psychiatrist Dr. Iggy Frome sport masks while standing outside a medical isolation ward, with plenty of reason to be concerned. “One of our characters contracts COVID-19 in the beginning of the season,” showrunner David Schulner reveals to TVLine. “In real life, we’ve all known people close to us affected by this virus, so we knew our characters had to go through the same.”

But even amid the hectic medical crisis, there’s also small moments of peace and reflection, such as in the photo below of two good friends (with potential for more).

“We try to tell our stories at a breakneck pace, which allows the quieter moments to feel earned,” Schulner says. “The Max and Sharpe rooftop scenes are a perfect example of that. They exist for the characters — and audience — to catch their breaths. By the time Max and Sharpe get to the roof, they’re exhausted by the day’s events and made more vulnerable because of them. They’ve earned their stillness. And their confessions.”

New Amsterdam fans, what do you think Max and Helen are confessing to each other? Hit the comments with your thoughts on the Season 3 first looks!

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