NCIS Hawaii promo teases major hostage twist as Joe Milius steps in

NCIS Hawaii: CBS teases episode ‘Unusual Suspects’

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CBS’ hit procedural drama NCIS Hawaii will return to screens on Monday with another gripping episode. This time fans will see Captain Joe Milius (played by Enver Gjokaj) make a comeback to help agent Kai Holman (Alex Tarrant).

For the first time since season one, Joe Millus will return to the Hawaiian islands and reunite with the brave team of agents as they take on another complicated case.

Thankfully for fans, bosses have provided major insight into the episode with the release of a promo clip for episode 17.

During the clip, Joe informed the team: “Two nights ago, a couple of criminals were gunned down.”

As he explained the ordeal, fans got a glimpse of the attack which took place at a party with the key witness screaming.

As the witness walked through the office, Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson) remarked: “There’s our best shot at taking down a global arms dealer.”

It then cut to, Captain Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and cyber specialist Ernie Malik (Jason Antoon) working away from the scene, while the rest of the team went undercover to a party.

Speaking through their earpieces, she warned: “Just remember the plan no surprises.”

However, things took an unexpected turn as Kai responded: “There might be one surprise.”

After sharing a dance with the witness, the two were in the lift when she pointed a gun at the agent.

With Kai in potential danger, the pressure will be on for the team to ensure the agent remains harm free.

As the witness pointed a gun at Kai, this could be a major twist in the case of the global arms dealer, she could know more than she let on about the initial attacks.

Elsewhere in the episode, Tennant could be faced with heartache as her son Alex Tennant (Kian Talan) could be leaving home.

The synopsis for episode 17 reads: “Milius returns to Hawai’i as the NCIS team pursues a dangerous high-value U.S. Government target with the help of a unique informant.

“Tennant and Daniel deal with Alex’s acceptance into the Naval Academy.”

As for Milius’ return, fans will have to stay tuned to see if he and Tennant will pick things up where they left off.

During season one, the high-ranking officer also made his feelings for Tennant well-known with his flirty banter.

This was welcomed by the captain as she also reciprocated the flirtationship before finally accepting his offer of a date.

Although they hit it off, it wasn’t meant to be as Joe was reassigned to a new position in Washington.

Even though months have passed, there could still be a chance of Tennant and Joe rekindling their romance in Hawaii.

NCIS: Hawaii season 2 continues Mondays on CBS in the USA and is available to watch on Disney+ in the UK.

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