Most violent soap deaths ever – strip tease murder, beheaded and flight of doom

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    It's tempting to sit down a watch a horror movie to mark Halloween but sometimes UK soaps are just as scary.

    EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and even Brookside have been the scenes for some pretty harrowing scenes.

    Soapland has aired some pretty jaw-dropping and wince-worthy deaths over the years with bludgeonings, beheadings, crushing and failed parachutes during skydives.

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    As October 31 creeps around once again, Daily Star has taken a look back at some gruesome soap deaths from over the years.

    Strip tease murder – Coronation Street

    Charlie Stubbs was brutally murdered by lover Tracy Barlow back in 2007.

    The Weatherfield lothario met his match with Tracy when she learned he was up to his usual tricks by having an affair with Maria Connor.

    Tracy got revenge by bludgeoning him to death and staging the crime scene so that it seemed she had killed him in self-defence.

    This backfired and she was found guilty of murder but was released in December 2010 on a technicality.

    Flight of doom – Hollyoaks

    Hollyoaks viewers have been put off skydiving ever since Sarah Barnes' parachute was sabotaged back in 2009.

    Sarah and Zoe Carpenter were totally unaware of how jealous Lydia is towards there close friendship bond after her spending months of trying to win Sarah back.

    Things took an unexpected and tragic turn when Sarah and Zoe went parachuting and Lydia tempered with what she believed was Zoe's parachute.

    However,, Sarah picks the one that has been tampered and she ultimately falls to her death.

    Sarah's death causes devastation amongst her family and friends and Zoe is trailed for Sarah's death but Lydia is found out and is sentenced to over 20 years imprisonment.

    Photo frame finish – EastEnders

    Ben Mitchell killed Heather Trott by whacking her head with a photo frame in 2012.

    The young lad was convinced Heather had overheard a conversation between him and Ian Beale about why his dad Phil Mitchell was in prison and he confronts her.

    He argues with Heather and starts looking for the money Dot Cotton gave to her so he can leave Walford.

    As Heather tries to stop him, Ben picks up a photo frame and hits her on the head with it, killing her.

    Ben hides the murder weapon under his bed and several months later Jay finds it.

    Ben goes to the police station and eventually confesses to Heather's murder.

    His murder charge is dropped and he pleads guilty to manslaughter and is sentenced to four years imprisonment.

    Beheaded by glass mirror – Emmerdale

    In August 2015, Val Pollard and her sister Diane Sugden got trapped in a hall of mirrors when a helicopter crashes into the village hall due to an explosion.

    The helicopter later exploded and the hall of mirrors collapsed.

    After Diane is freed out of the rubble, a shard of glass impaled Val and killed her instantly.

    Her family found a DVD detailing her funeral plans and a few home truths.

    Double fall catastrophe – Brookside

    Brookside was never afraid to go that step further in shocking its fans and perhaps the most horrifying deaths of all where the demises of Sue Sullivan and her baby Danny Sullivan.

    Barry Grant cornered them on some scaffolding and pushed them to their deaths and the camera panning over the lifeless baby and his dead mum remains seriously haunting.

    Killing a child on-screen was controversial and had not been done before on a British soap opera.

    When the story was first pitched to writers, they believed it was too risky and they did not want to proceed.

    Boss Mal Young liked the reaction and decided that it would maximise interest in the show as they took it into the 1990s.

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