Money Heist plot hole: Major Ángel error exposed as fans fume over surgery scene

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Netflix’s popular Spanish thriller will be coming to an end this year after entertaining streamers across four gripping instalments so far. Unfortunately, some Money Heist fans have been spending the ongoing hiatus by picking holes in the show’s most unbelievable moments.

Money Heist fans have singled out a pivotal moment with Ángel Rubio (played by Fernando Soto) from the first season as one of the show’s most unforgivable plot holes.

Despite becoming Netflix’s most popular international series, Money Heist has frequently come under fire for its ludicrous plot twists and unbelievable scenarios.

The series got underway back in 2017, when the show was originally on Spanish network Antena 3, with a heist inside the Royal Mint of Spain.

Criminal mastermind The Professor (Álvaro Morte) sends his team of criminals to infiltrate the Mint and print their own currency.

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However, the team didn’t bank on the Spanish police’s attempts to sabotage the robbery from the inside, led by resourceful inspector Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño).

Raquel’s loyal partner Ángel steps up to covertly enter the Mint disguised as a nurse when Nairobi (Alba Flores) gets injured and the gang demand help as part of negotiations.

This is when the plot takes a complicated turn, as some perceptive viewers maintained the Professor’s team should have noticed the Deputy Investigator the moment he stepped foot in the building.

One fan flagged the issue on Reddit when they started a recent thread to air out fans’ biggest gripes with the series.

Reddit user sunmaster1492 posted: “Putting aside the unrealistic stuff like the shootouts or the people healing at 5x normal rate, I’m wondering about the most egregious consistency errors by the scriptwriters.”

Money Heist is already infamous for its heightened action sequences and character drama, which often push the limits of the audience’s suspension of disbelief.

This fan was particularly frustrated by the gang’s total failure to recognise Ángel, despite preparing for the Professor’s ingenious plan for several months beforehand.

They continued: “First, it was ridiculous for the police to think the Deputy Inspector would be unknown to the gang.”

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“Second, he wasn’t unknown to the gang because his picture was on the wall at the estate in Toledo.”

Despite Ángel’s face being shown multiple times throughout the first season’s heist training flashbacks, the robbers didn’t find it suspicious when he showed up dressed as a nurse, prepared for surgery.

Moreover, their ignorance may have even put Nairobi in danger, as he was almost about to start extracting the bullet from Nairobi before the Professor put a stop to it.

The fan went on: “And yet, the Professor had to tell Berlin that Angel was a police officer.”

“The writers made it seem like he only found out because he had seen Angel in the tent when he went to find Raquel.”

Sadly, mistakes like these are peppered all over the show’s four seasons, leading some fans to abandon the series before it reached its conclusion.

With season five bringing Money Heist to an end with two additional episodes, it’s hoped the extra breathing room will be enough to bring the series to a satisfying close.

Money Heist season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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