Mimi from OutDaughtered arrested: Michelle Theriot accused of DWI

Mimi from OutDaughtered found herself in trouble last weekend in League City, Texas.

Michelle Theriot (Mimi) was arrested for DUI after being stopped just after midnight. She is one of the biggest stars of TLC’s OutDaughtered, and now, she is making headlines for a bad decision.

What did Mimi from OutDaughtered do?

According to TMZ, Michelle Theriot was stopped after she was seen swerving and straddling the shoulder line in League City, Texas last weekend just after midnight.

The reports indicate the reality star wasn’t quick to stop when she was pulled over. There was also a strong scent of perfume when the officers approached the car, making it appear as if Mimi was attempting to cover a smell.

Initially, Michelle copped to have two glasses of wine but later changed that. She revealed she only had two beers, no wine at all. It was unclear which story was correct, and if that was all Mimi really had to drink before getting beind the wheel.

She reportedly failed several field sobriety tests and was handcuffed and taken to jail, but that wasn’t before she allegedly attempted to get back in her vehicle.

How will Mimi’s arrest affect OuDaughtered?

TLC is no stranger to scandals from reality stars. The arrest of Michelle Theriot may not affect the show much, if at all. OutDaughtered focuses on her daughter, Danielle Busby, her husband, Adam Busby, and their six little girls.

  • When will OutDaughtered return to TLC in 2020?

Throughout the seasons, Mimi has been a staple on the show. OutDaughtered viewers watched as she dealt with a lot of tragedy, including losing everything in her home to a hurricane. Michelle struggled while staying with her daughter and bouncing between her two other daughters as well. Danielle’s sisters often appear on the show as well.

A lot has happened in Mimi’s life over the last several years. She was shown struggling for a while, with fans worried about the OutDaughtered grandmother. Unfortunately, now she will have to deal with an arrest and being in the public eye.

While OutDaughtered isn’t currently airing, it is likely to come back in the coming months. The most recent season aired this past summer but was cut short due to the coronavirus shutting down filming.

It is unclear if this recent arrest of Michelle Theriot will be discussed on the show, or if the network will move past it as if it didn’t happen.

OutDaughtered is currently on hiatus.

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