Men felt it was ok to play with womens boobs! GMB guest blasts sexist Benny Hill

Benny Hill stars in comedy hit The Benny Hill Show

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Actress Debbie Arnold accused The Benny Hill Show of being “sexist” and “ridiculous” during a heated debate on Tuesday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain. It comes as the show is set to make a return to screens after two decades. But Debbie told hosts Susanna Reid and Adil Ray “men thought it was ok to play with women’s boobs.”

Debbie, an actress who decline the offer to be a Hill’s Angel, said she thought it was “terrible” that Hill’s sitcom is making a return to screens.

“I think all the camera angles were very gynaecological, to be honest with you and it was ridiculous,” she fumed.

“As much as I love Benny, he was a friend of my dad’s and a very lovely person, I just couldn’t bear the shows, they were just awful and they were so sexist.

“I mean, looking up girls’ skirts, how can that be right for people to see that today?”

She added: “Men thought it was ok to play with women’s boobs.”

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