Megan Is Missing cast: Who plays Amy and Josh in the movie?

MEGAN Is Missing isn't a new film – it came out in 2011.

But Gen Z have been sharing their traumatized reactions to the violent horror movie on TikTok.

Who's in the cast of Megan Is Missing?

Megan Is Missing is a movie that follows three main characters, Amy, Megan and Josh.

Josh is a seemingly shy virtual boyfriend to Megan – until they meet in person.

Amy is Megan's best friend who sets out to find her after she's reported missing.

The actors used in the film were inexperienced and haven't done many films or TV shows since.

Amber Perkins as Amy Herman

Amber Perkins plays Amy.

She was born in California and Megan Is Missing her biggest acting role.

She's also starred in Sinners and Family Of The Year.

She is 31 years old.

Dean Waite as Josh

Dean Waite plays Josh, the movie's villain.

His other known role is in Four 1 Liberation Front.

He was born in Australia and he is 49 years old.

In 2006 he got divorced from Raina Roessle.

Rachel Quinn as Megan Stewart

Rachel Quinn is an actress and dancer who plays the title character.

She was raised in Los Angeles.

Other than Megan Is Missing, she's starred in Squaresville and The Hands You Shake.

The rest of the cast is made up of:

  • Jael Elizabeth Steinmeyer as Lexie
  • Kara Wang as Kathy
  • Brittany Hingle as Chelsea
  • Carolina Sabate as Angie
  • Trigve Hagen as Gideon
  • Curtis Wingfield as Ben
  • April Stewart as Joyce Stewart
  • Reyver Huante as Bill Herman
  • Tammy Klein as Louise Herman
  • Lauren Leah Mitchell as Callie Daniels
  • Kevin Morris as Detective Simonelli
  • Craig Stoa as Leif
  • Jay Gragnani as the Boy In Video

The film is controversial due to it's violent and sexualised natured – it's even been banned in New Zealand.

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