Malone in massive row with Vine panellist over Spain’s Gibraltar ploy ‘Nothing but spite!’

Jeremy Vine panelists clash during debate about EU

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Following the news that Spain plans to put soldiers on the ground in British-owned Gibraltar as the price for a post-Brexit trade deal, Daily Express columnist Carole Malone and commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown launched into a full-blown row at each other over their feelings about the European Union and its behaviour towards Britain. In a passionate defence of Brexit, Ms Malone explained the latest news about Gibraltar was a prime example as to why Brits voted for Brexit. But her comments triggered a furious response from Vine panellist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. The furious row comes as on Tuesday, Britain announced it would fight for Gibraltar’s sovereignty after the dangerous move by Spain.

Carole Malone said: “They tried to stop people in this country from getting the vaccine for no other reason than spite! I mean it is outrageous!”

But fellow panellist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown hit back: “A day will come when you will be able to put distance [on the issue of Brexit].

“They were looking after their own interests! Because they had to!”

Ms Malone was furious at the claims, slamming: “You know why they had to? Because they were too lazy and too slow at organising the vaccines!”

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But Ms Alibhai-Brown continued in her defence of Europe and its actions, saying: “We [The UK] are so self-centred, we have never seen any point in being much more internationalist.

“Actually we should have been much more cooperative than we were! Stop blaming the EU for everything!”

But Ms Malone went into a rage: “People that voted for Brexit didn’t hate Europe, they hated the EU! That’s the point! People are still European, they still love Europe – they just hate the EU!”

Jeremy Vine jumped in joking: “We haven’t had one like this for a while! This is like a tribute band!”

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Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab accused eurocrats of failing to respect an 11th-hour deal struck between the UK and Spain on New Year’s Eve over the region’s future.

In a 26-page document, EU leaders called for a string of conditions on the British Overseas Territory.

The European Commission – backed by Madrid – is demanding that EU border guards should be stationed at Gibraltar’s port, airport and waters to enforce the bloc’s rules.

Brussels is calling for Gibraltar to remain inside its single market, the Schengen free-travel area, as well as follow tax rates set by Madrid.


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Under the plans, Spanish police would also be able to enter the British outpost unchallenged if they are in “hot pursuit” of a criminal.

The EU’s draft mandate states: “Surveillance would take place at Gibraltar port, airport and waters carried out by Spain applying the relevant EU rules. Spanish border guards would have all necessary powers to perform border controls and surveillance.”

In response to the news, Mr Raab urged the EU to think again on the plans, he slammed: “The UK, with Gibraltar, and Spain carefully agreement a pragmatic Framework Agreement, in full consultation with the EU Commission.

“The Commission’s proposed mandate directly conflicts with that Framework. It seeks to undermine the UK’s sovereignty over Gibraltar, and cannot form a basis for negotiations.

“We have consistently showed pragmatism and flexibility in the search for arrangements that work for all sides, and we are disappointed that this has not been reciprocated. We urge the EU to think again.”

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