Made In Chelseas Ollie and Gareth Locke heartbroken after surrogate failed to get pregnant

Made in Chelsea’sOllie Lockeand his husband Gareth featured in emotional scenes on the show on Monday night, after learning that their surrogacy attempt was unsuccessful.

Ollie, an original cast member for Made in Chelsea, and Gareth wed last year and have been sharing their journey to start a family on their social media and, now, on the show.

As the show returned on Monday 11 October, Ollie and Gareth could be seen nervously waiting for a call from their surrogate.

Gareth said: “I am so nervous. I was wildly pragmatic until now and now my emotions are high – now we're here, I'm on the brink of tears. I'm going to be so disappointed.”

“We've done so much and waited so long and I'm ready to be parents now,” he added.

The surrogate then called and, after Ollie puts her on loudspeaker, it’s evident that she’s upset.

She then breaks the sad news to Ollie and Gareth that the surrogacy attempt didn’t work, and apologises to the couple before breaking down in tears.

Both Ollie and Gareth also sobbed at the devastating news, but reassured their surrogate that they can try again, to which she says that conceiving a child for them is “100% what she wants”.

Viewers took to social media to empathise with Ollie and Gareth’s situation as one person wrote: “Wow so heart breaking for Ollie and Gareth in MIC just shows the struggles people go through in surrogacy, hope their dreams come true you can see how much love they have to give.”

Someone else said: “I’m sobbing at my tv[.] Ollie & Gareth will make such amazing parents – they are incredible for sharing their story with us.”

A third tweeted: “Aww I’m literally sat in tears for Ollie and his partner. They are the purest people, I hope this happens for them soon!”

Prior to Monday night’s Made In Chelsea episode, Ollie spoke on Sunday Brunch about the emotional scenes.

Sharing a snippet of his interview on Instagram, Ollie wrote yesterday: “A clip from Sunday Brunch this morning for those that missed it. I will be posting more tomorrow about the episode tomorrow night and everything we are going through, which although heartbreaking, I am so happy to be able to share this journey and open the conversation more… and we will get there!!”

“I promise through our experience I will be doing everything I can to help everyone in our position,” Ollie continued. “Everyone deserves to be a parent if they want to be, and right now it’s far too difficult! I won’t give up and we are here for you! Love you all.”

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