Love Island’s furious Ovie explodes as Anna dithers over him and Jordan

Another Love Island couple fall victim to the Villa Curse tonight as Anna Vakili and Ovie Soko come to blows over their love triangle with Jordan Hames.

Friday's episode saw Jordan pick Anna for a date, while Ovie was invited out to the same place by Amber Gill.

Anna was spotted throwing jealous glances behind her at Ovie and Amber, who were busy laughing and scheming with each other about who to couple up with next.

But tonight's show will see basketball player Ovie finally lose his rag with Anna after being strung along for days.

"I really do like you," he tells her on the daybeds.

"I do want to give this a chance and I am a slow burner," Anna replies. "I like you from what I have seen. But you're pushing me away, whereas Jordan is doing the complete opposite."

She tells him she overheard Ovie and Amber cackling about him fancying new girl Joanna Chimonides.

"Last night you went to me, 'I wouldn't want to crack on with any other girl'. I'm sitting at the date and I can hear you going, 'oh, I'll take Joanna off your hands' to Amber," she says.

"She's not juggling anyone in here," Ovie points out.

"Woah, OK, so hold on a minute, if you came here a week ago when I was in here with Jordan, then I would have been that person, cause I wasn't juggling anybody," she furiously snipes back.

"I made up my mind on Jordan before I met you."

"OK, well the conversation is done then, it's dead," Ovie snaps as he gets off the bed.

"Wait, you're going to leave?"

"I'm going to leave, cause if you're gonna keep cutting me off then I'm not a kid," Ovie says over his shoulder as he makes his way over to the other Islanders.

He passes his love rival in the kitchen and calls out dismissively: "Jordan. Go get your missus, bro."

"My missus?" Jordan asks, baffled.

"I'm tired. I'm tired. You can have her, bro," Ovie fumes.

Jordan takes Anna up to the balcony for a private conversation and confronts her about why she hasn't told Ovie she's no longer interested in him.

"I didn't want to ruin the night," Anna protests.

But Jordan isn't convinced she really knows her own mind yet.

"Do you know what you want?" he gently asks.

"I do know what I want now," she says flirtatiously – and it's not long before the old flames are passionately snogging in private.

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2, followed by Aftersun

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