Love Island viewers convinced Joanna isn't interested in Michael and he's going to end up single

LOVE Island viewers are convinced Joanna Chimonides is faking her feelings for Michael Griffiths to stay in the villa.

Some suspicious fans have accused the 22-year-old beauty of using the hunky fireman, 27 as her ticket in and reckon he'll end up single when she's done with him.

Viewers jumped to the conclusion after noticing the recruitment consultant turned down Michael's attempt to cuddle her in bed last night.

Despite his romance with Amber Gill, Michael made his blossoming feelings for Joanna apparent after asking her to share a bed with him in last night's explosive episode.

But while Joanna accepted his offer, she chose to keep the affection to a minimum – prompting fans to wonder if her interest in Michael is genuine.

One viewer wrote: "The fact that Joanna didn't want to cuddle is a big warning sign, Micheals just getting himself from something quite good affectionwise to a Danny-Yewande situation and I guarantee he'll be kicking himself if he chooses her #LoveIsland."

Another chimed: "Joanna didn’t even give Michael small cuddles. Now he wants her more #LoveIsland."

Other viewers also took offence to Michael telling Joanna he had clicked with her quicker than he had with Amber.

Spotting flaws in his comment, one viewer tweeted: "How are the boys falling for these antics, like everyone knows when it’s case amor you have limited time to plead your case to stay.

"So ofc Joanna is feeding Michael all he wants to her and making him compare to Amber when actual his thing with Amber is more realistic #LoveIsland."

Original Islanders Michael, 27, and Amber melted hearts when they coupled up two weeks ago but that all changed last night.

Viewers said the Liverpudlian star had "kissed goodbye to the £50k prize fund" after watching him sweet talk Joanna in bed and later lean in for a smooch in a preview for Tuesday night's show.

His actions come as Amber remains loyal in Casa Amor, where she has refused to snog the other lads during the show's kinky challenges and has even slept outside on the daybed.

The beautician's close pals have been running her social media accounts while she is in the villa, and they are furious with the firefighter'sbehaviour as he asks the newcomer for a snog in a teaser clip ahead of tonight's episode.


On Twitter they shared a meme of a clown alongside the caption: "Legit Michael right now."

A meme of Kim Woodburn shouting "adulterer" during her time on Celebrity Big Brother was also posted on the micro blogging site.

The post was captioned: "Only one woman can sort Michael out… Send in Kim!"

They also said Michael had "made his bed" after getting close with Joanna.

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