Love Island fans split over Anna as some praise her for standing up to ‘gaslighting’ Jordan and others accuse her of s***-shaming – The Sun

LOVE Island fans have split opinions on whether Anna Vakili's behaviour is justified as her relationship with Jordan Hames came to an end last night.

The 29-year-old pharmacist left viewers divided, with some praising her for standing up to "gas lighting" Jordan, while others accused her of "slut-shaming" the model.

The pair appeared stronger than ever before the Manchester hunk admitted he fancied Page 3 model India Reynolds, despite asking Anna to be his girlfriend just days before.

After being told by Maura, who learnt of Jordan's change of heart by Curtis, Anna was left furious and stormed over to the pair to confront her cheating boyfriend.

And the same went for fans of the show.

One person tweeted: "Dunno why everyone’s bad mouthing Anna for what she’s doing whether you love her or hate her she’s standing up for herself while Jordan is basically cheating on her right in front of her."

Another wrote: "Sorry, but the men excusing Jordan’s behaviour and calling Anna a psycho for being legitimately in the right for standing up for herself, is actually so toxic. Clearly they don’t know how to treat people with respect."

Meanwhile, other viewers believe Anna's comment that Jordan had slept with 100 women was a form of slut-shaming.

A viewer said: "Anna was slut shaming Jordan for sleeping with over 100 girls. See if the roles were reversed now…"

"Jordan's a piece of shit, but what we're not going to do is pretend that Anna's comment about '100 women but 1 relationship' isn't peak slut-shaming," another tweeted. "He's an absolute shit but I detest all forms of slut-shaming."

The revelation that Jordan had slept with over 100 women came to a light during a Mr and Mrs game last week.

In a teaser for tonight's episode, the Kim Kardashian look-a-like can be seen in floods of tears in the Beach Hut.

Recalling how the model had tricked her during their relationship, she weeped: "Why can't I be that girl that finds someone who really likes me and wants to treat me well?

"Why do I have to be the girl that's tricked into a relationship? Why cant I be the other girl?"

Nevertheless, Anna admits she is done with the model for good as they embark on the  virtual babies challenge.

She says: "Jordan is a single dad. I don't know whose baby that is but it's not mine."

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