Love Island ending chaos as fans slam show for missing crucial part of episode

Love Island ended in chaos tonight after a bombshell text shook the villa – but something was missing.

There was more action still to come after Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane were dumped for receiving the fewest votes from the public.

Tommy Fury got a text which read: "One more couple will be dumped, the other couple will remain in the villa. The couple which stays and couple that is dumped will be decided by your fellow Islanders."

A selection of dramatic shots of the Islanders then followed, accompanied by some tense music.

But viewers were baffled as an integral part of the show was missing from tonight's ending

Love Island fans took to Twitter to question where their explosive preview was.

One viewer said: "Eerrr where was the “tooooomorrow nighttttt” preview. Can’t leave me hangin like that"

"I didn’t wait for a double dumping for it to end like that with not even a preview of tomorrow night," added another.

A third said: "Sorry how can it end there with no tomorrow night preview or anything"

"Hello hi, producers. we want a preview of the following night EVERY night," said a fourth.

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There is usually a preview at the end of every show unless their is voting information to be revealed.

It was very strange for there to be no teaser and the credits started rolling without any preview of next time.

This means there has been no indication as to who will be leaving tomorrow night.

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