Love Island: Anna REFUSES to take part in tonight’s baby challenge alongside Jordan – ‘That’s one of your 100 girls babe’

The islanders wake up to the sound of crying and screaming after seven newborns are placed in the villa overnight.

Each couple will look after the artificial baby as part of today’s challenge – in a bid to find out who the best parent is.

Following last night’s furious argument, where Anna and Jordan were embroiled in a huge showdown after he admitted he had feelings for India, Anna is less than impressed with the challenge.

Still angry, Anna reveals: “I don’t want a baby with him [Jordan].”

And talking in the Beach Hut, she continues: “I don’t know whose baby that is, because it’s not mine.

“He probably doesn’t even know whose baby it is himself.”

Walking past Jordan with his baby, Anna scathingly says, "That's one of your 100 girls babe", and Jordan takes care of his baby alone while the others look after theirs together.

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At the start of the challenge, the contestants reveal the names of their babies.

India and Ovie call their son, Raymond Junior and Molly-Mae and Tommy called theirs Tommy Junior (TJ).

Meanwhile ,Curtis and Maura name their daughter Bella, Chris and Harley opt for the name Penny-Sue Tinkerbell and Anton and Belle call theirs Valentino.

New couple Amber and Greg name their baby Kobe.

Amid the drama, and his tense relationship with Maura after they went head to head, he tries to listen the mood while he hosts a daddy-dance.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.

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