Love Island 2019: Danny gets a dressing down and Tom puts his foot right in it with Maura…

As a wise person once said, “Treat them mean, watch him crack on with a catwalk model”… And yet Yewande’s getting a savage amount of shade on Twitter. Is it because she’s the only person in there actually looking for love? Does that make certain viewers uncomfortable?! Either way, Episode 18 leaves a question mark over whether she’s going to stay in The Villa.

Tonight’s episode also deployed a red flag *WARNING* for the more innocent of eyeballs; Maura was given access to The Hideaway. Yes, it should’ve been Amber and Michael making their way towards in the show’s newly refurbished strip joint avec the world’s most redundant hot tub, but producers were obviously hoping for some proper eye-watering action. They decided to give the winner of tonight’s challenge a night in the Bunk Up Bunker with the boy of her choice.

Challenge winner Maura chose Tom. And then she changed her mind…


But first, to the challenge, which involved the girls dressing as Playboy Bunnies, doing bunny hops, necking various healthy treats, and enjoying bunny kisses/headbutts with their partners – so the tension between Yewande and Danny was obviously on the awks side.

Things nosedived when Amazonian goddess, Arabella, also chose Danny for her challenge, leaving the Islanders unimpressed. While Amber and Amy independently voiced disdain in the Beach Hut (why, indeed, could Arabella not have chosen Anton?!), the boys went one step further and called Danny out in person – but not before Yewande gave him a dressing down.

Putting on her analytical hat, the scientist said – in front of Arabella: “You told me that you wanted to progress things with me. You failed to mention that you want to get to know her even though you already told me that you’re not interested in getting to know anyone else. Am I right or am I wrong?… Did you or did you not say that no matter who walked in your head wouldn’t be turned?” In short, you’re full of it, Danny Boi…

As for Maura changing her mind about bringing Tom into The Hideaway? Well, he mucked that right up by indulging his clearly more infantile side. After confirming he was prepared for every eventuality, he also inferred he was going to see if she was “all mouth.” You’re 29, mate, not 19.


• “Well, rate this” is probably one of the best/worst pre-lunge lines in TV history. Fair play for getting yourself some screentime, Tom. “Holy Mother of f*** b***s”, indeed.

• Anton is still banging on about how great a kisser Maura is. It’s gonna happen… Especially now Maura’s said “I’m getting a soft spot for you, Anton. I feel if we met on the outside world we would’ve f***ed a long time ago!”

• Michael was king, pointing out to Danny that saying you want to crack on as normal while cracking on with someone else “sounds proper d***heady.”

•  Amy and Curtis were missing on their date for over half the show and we all forgot they existed until they returned.

• We’re all waiting for Casa Amour, aren’t we… It usually happens around week three, no?


Oh, Tom. Ye big eejit. There you were, like a 16-year-old Tommy Fury brandishing a prophalatic at a bus stop, and then you had to spoil it all by saying something stupid like “It’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not…”


Expect further fall out from Tom’s “all mouth” gaff, before we find out who Maura actually brings to The Hideaway. LET IT BE ANTON?!

Love Island continues Sunday on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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