Line of Duty star Martin Compston’s life off screen – footy career to Vegas home

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Line of Duty star Martin Compston may now be a household name as the waistcoat-loving DI Steve Arnott from AC12, but when he’s not chasing down bent coppers, he lives a glamorous life in Las Vegas..

The actor, 36, has played DI Arnott in all six series of the much-loved cop show, which was launched in 2012.

One thing about his life off screen that often shocks fans is his broad Scottish accent.

He was born and raised in Greenock, a coastal town about 30 miles outside Glasgow, and his accent is quite different to the generic south east twang he delivers in Line of Duty.

And the surprises don't stop there.

Martin has been married to his American wife Tianna since 2016.

They met at the Hudson Hotel in Los Angeles, where Tianna was working as a nightclub manager. Apparently, Martin wooed her with a medley of Irish songs after learning of her Gaelic heritage.

In 2016, they tied the knot in his hometown. Tianna was given away by both her Irish ex-soldier dad and her American stepdad.

Three years later, in 2019, Martin and Tianna bought a four-bedroom home in Las Vegas, aka Sin City, complete with solar-heated outdoor swimming pool, spa and games room.

And as a taste of his Scottish roots, Martin even installed a Tennent’s lager tap in the bar at his sunny dream home, which he also shares with the couple’s son and their cute pitbull King.

The stunning property, which he bought for $420,000 (£300,000) is a stark contrast to the rain-lashed Belfast streets where he films Line of Duty.

Located in a quiet cul-de-sac in an exclusive gated development, the opulent home has a heated swimming pool, spa and even a trampoline set into the ground.

The house is also a couple of streets away from the home of Tianna's mum Sissy, a member of the US Airforce. It’s also a short drive from the stunning Grand Canyon.

As well as his Vegas abode, Martin also has a property in Greenock where he also splits his time. When he goes home to see his parents, he even sleeps in his old bedroom, which is the same as when he was a teenager.

Martin has described his Vegas pad as his ‘dream home’ and said he saved up to make it happen, rather than spend his money on flash cars.

“I wanted to get a place with a pool. It’s an incredible feeling when you’re from Greenock and you can get your family over to stay and you’ve got a swimming pool out your back,” he said soon after snapping up the mansion.

His glamorous Las Vegas mansion is a long way from his happy Scottish childhood, when he spent all his spare time playing football.

He played for Aberdeen when he was 14 and still speaks fondly of his time with the Dons.

Martin, a defender, went on to sign for Greenock Morton FC. He made two first-team appearances in the 2001/02 season, both as a substitute in 4-0 defeats. The season ended with the team being relegated to the Third Division.

It was around this time that a family friend suggested he audition for the gritty Ken Loach film, Sweet Sixteen, set in Greenock.

The Celtic fanatic got the part and swapped his football boots for what has become a hugely successful acting career.

Off screen, Martin has often talked about his pets. His pitfall King is often photographed on the actor’s social media accounts and he told the BBC in 2004 about his two German Shepherds, Biscuit and Buster. “I love them to bits,” he said at the time.

In 2019, Martin and Tianna, an estate agent and aspiring actress, became parents to a son. They’ve never released the child's name or shared any pictures, preferring to keep their little one out of the spotlight.

He said becoming a parent in real life was his toughest role, describing becoming a father for the first time as ‘terrifying’ and one of the ‘hardest’ things he has had to do.

He told Red magazine that playing a father in hit TV show The Nest helped get him into the role

“Having a new-born baby obviously informed this job. My character is supposed to be exhausted and delirious and I thought, ‘Well, I’ll be living that!’

“But there’s a difference between coming on set and going ‘I’m living this’ and coming on set and not being able to remember your lines because you’re so tired you can’t see straight. You’ve never felt exhaustion like it where you could cry.”

And Martin isn’t afraid to share his politics off-screen. He was a prominent ‘Yes' campaigner in the first Scottish referendum in 2014.

“The London politicians are spectacularly out of touch with Scotland – even people like Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan, who I respect, are clueless,” he sold The Big Issue in 2017.

“You have someone like Corbyn saying there’s no appetite for independence? It’s not about appetite, it’s about necessity. There was no appetite for a European referendum in Scotland and we had that forced upon us.”

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