Kim Kardashian posts video of her young kids playing dangerously close to an open flame in her kitchen

KIM Kardashian shared a video of her kids playing dangerously close to an open flame in her kitchen

The KUWTK star filmed her daughters North, seven, and Chicago, three, cooking up chicken ramen noodles with their cousin, Dream, four.

While North took charge of stirring the noodles, Chicago and Dream could be seen sitting on the kitchen worktop just inches away from the stove.

As Kim, 40, rounded the corner to film the youngsters, she warned: "Girls, you can't be near the fire okay?"

The toddlers did as they were told and scrambled off the counter, which was littered with noodle packets.

Kim then asked: "What is Chef North and Chef Chi Chi and Chef Dreamy making? Can you explain to me this delicious meal?"

Dream is the daughter of Kim's brother, Rob, with his model ex, Blac Chyna.

Kim has been busy looking after the four kids she shares with her estranged husband, Kanye West – North, Chicago, Saint, five, and Psalm, one.

It was reported last month that Kim and Kanye are headed for divorce, and the reality star began ditching her ring while out in public.

Earlier this week, sources claimed Kanye has made no effort to reconcile with his family and has isolated himself from his loved ones.

An insider told Hollywood Life the rapper having a "really hard time" while dealing with his divorce from afar.

“He’s struggling knowing that divorce is looming and looming. He knows it’s inevitable and now, it’s just a matter of when it’s all happening,” they revealed.

“He hasn’t really fought for her and hasn’t been around the kids or the Kardashian family.

"It’s not an ideal situation for anyone and it’s just sad for the entire family," they shared.

“He’s completely icing people out that he would usually turn to for support and not talking to his closest friends.

The source also explained that the Jesus Is King singer has been hard to get a hold of and has been hiding out secretly on his Wyoming ranch and other remote spots.

“It’s completely on Kanye’s terms when he talks to Kim because he can completely go dark and she can’t get a hold of him for days," the insider claimed.

Kanye was, however, seen still wearing his wedding ring while pictured at his Malibu office this week.

Following Kim's 40th birthday in October, the famous duo has been spending a majority of their time apart.

The record producer had his closet removed from the family's Calabasas home, and shipped to his reclusive Wyoming property.

This past weekend, Kim celebrated Valentine's Day without her controversial spouse and instead spent time with her children.

A source told People: "Kim is great. She has a Valentine's Day celebration planned with her kids and family. She likes to make it special for the kids. She doesn't have any contact with Kanye."

The publication also announced that "Kim and Kanye continue to live separate lives. They have no contact."

Another informant previously told The Sun that Kim is in "no rush" to make their divorce official because she is "used to living separate lives."

 "The lack of urgency with Kim officially filing for divorce comes from her becoming so comfortable living a completely separate life from Kanye, it’s already like they’ve been divorced since last year," the insider explained.

Kris Jenner has allegedly been “pushing the issue so they can get the legal matters over with and move forward" but “Kim doesn’t appear to be in a rush.”

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