Killer Stephen launches violent attack on drug pushing kids in Corrie

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) was up to his old tricks tonight in Coronation Street, as he allowed his violent side to come out once again.

The killer really showed his age when he approached a pair of drug pushing kids at the precinct, asking them to get him some LSD.

Of course, Stephen doesn’t want the hallucinogenic drug for recreational use. Especially after last night’s (March 2) dodgy trip.

He has been executing a plan to convince people that Underworld boss Carla Barlow (Alison King) isn’t up to the job so that he can take over.

For several weeks, he has been spiking her drinks, leading her to hallucinate and believe that her psychosis may have returned.

However, Carla has since returned to work, meaning that Stephen is in need of more LSD.

The kids were quick to laugh at Stephen’s request, though the factory manager wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Eventually, they settled on a £100 for them to get hold of some, which Stephen naively handed over.

As the kids began to walk away, denying that he had given them any money, Stephen saw red.

He threatened the boys, warning them that they didn’t know what he was capable of.

Viewers will know that what Stephen is capable of is murder, having already taken the lives of both Leo and Teddy Thompkins.

Later in the episode, we saw the boys making a run for it, terrified.

Stephen was then seen shouting after them, with bloodied knuckles.

With Stephen becoming violent once more, is it only a matter of time before he kills again?

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