Katie Price's daughter Princess terrified to go anywhere alone after FOUR kidnap threats to her family

KATIE Price's daughter Princess is terrified to go anywhere alone after her family received four kidnap threats.

The teenager – who Katie shares with ex Peter Andre alongside son Junior, 16 – answered a fan's question about her biggest fear in a YouTube video.

Princess, 14, revealed her biggest fear is being on her own or going anywhere by herself due to the threats.

Speaking on YouTube, Katie's eldest daughter said: "I have a lot of things, I don't know I've got so many [fears].

"If I had one I'd be be able to answer it, if that makes sense. I've got so many, but I don't like being alone.

"I don't know why, just anywhere I go I don't like being on my own, alone.

"If I'm in my room and stuff then yeah, but like if I'm going like out or something, I can't be alone because I'm just scared I'm gonna get like kidnapped or something.

"That's actually quite deep, but you know."

Kidnap attempts

Earlier this year, Katie said Scotland Yard had foiled a series of kidnap plots against her.

Katie was appearing on Channel 4 show Steph's Packed Lunch in March, which she now works for as a special reporter.

She said: "I've had four kidnap threats anyway through Scotland Yard. I talk about it so blasé because I'm just used to it. My life is just so out there."

A stunned Steph, 38, gasped: "Have you had kidnap threats?"

Katie replied: "Yeah I've had four. Scotland Yard knock on your door. They know by their intelligence.

"Before I even know, they're working behind the scenes. When they come to your door, their intelligence tells them everything.

"I've had them pretty bad – that's why I've got my protection dog."

Cops have previous revealed Katie was the target of an Essex-based underworld gang and in 2018 a plot to abduct her eldest son, Harvey, 18, was revealed.

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