Jinger Duggar mocked for creating a TikTok as fans say star and husband Jeremy are 'trying too hard' to be influencers

COUNTING On fans are mocking star Jinger Duggar after she revealed that she has joined TikTok.

The 27-year-old reality star made the announcement on Monday night, telling fans that she’s created an account on the video platform and has already uploaded her first video.

After already amassing almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Jinger decided she wants to give TikTok a go, as well.

In an Instagram Story, she told her fans: “OK, guys, so I just joined TikTok.” 

After making her eyes go wide with excitement, she confirmed what she just said: “Yes, I just joined TikTok, and I’m excited. So, you guys can swipe up and follow me over there on my account.”

Since making the reveal, she’s garnered almost 5,000 followers on the platform.

Her first video features the reality star dumping out her makeup bag on a countertop and picking up one of the brushes.

She brings it up to cover the camera before bringing it back to reveal her made-up face.

“Hey TikTok! 💋 #countingon #makeup #duggar #jingerduggar #jingervuolo #vuolo,” Jinger captioned the post.

Fans on Reddit immediately mocked her for joining TikTok, accusing her of trying to stay young and relevant.

One user joked about it, while also mentioning her husband Jeremy Vuolo, writing: “I always knew the first Duggar to get tik Tok would be Jinger as she and Jerm always try to be influencers.”

Another teased the mother of two, saying: “She makes me think of Regina George’s mom in ‘Mean Girls.’ Trying to keep up with what’s cool.”

Others called this a “PR move” by Jinger to make her appear more “hip” in the hopes of making money off of a new platform.

Some warned the 27-year-old that she might not have it easy on there.

One Redditer speculated: “I feel like the Tik Tok teens are going to roast her so badly”

Another agreed, writing: “Gen Z is ruthless… She’s gonna have a tough time lmao”

Adding another platform to create content is only going to take up more of Jinger's time and effort, and fans are already worried she's been looking "exhausted" lately.

Last week, she shared a selfie, captioned "Happy Thursday," that captured her smiling for the camera.

Her hair was pushed back with a thick orange floral headband, while she also wore a pink zip-up sweatshirt.

Despite the hopeful caption, many fans took to the comments section to express their worry for the Counting On star.

Under the photo, which comes after Jinger gave birth to daughter Evangeline in November, one fan said: "You're masking your unhappiness"

Another wrote: "You are smiling but your eyes show sadness. I hope all is well with you and your family love and light 😍"

A third said: "You look great but exhausted, girl, give the kids to Daddy, make use of that big bathtub, throw in a bath bomb, sip on hot chocolate."

Jinger and her husband Jeremy also share 2-year-old daughter Felicity.

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