Jimmy Fallon Bought a Creepy Puppet That Looks Just Like Timothée Chalamet (Video)

Viral toy doll was listed on eBay for over $120,000

Last month, a puppet that looks like the actor Timothée Chalamet went viral when its designer tried to sell it on eBay for over $120,000. It didn’t sell for that much, but it did have a buyer: Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon purchased the creepy looking dummy and brought it out for some dorky ventriloquism on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.” The late-night host even did a French accent and some hair flips, and the two talked about “Call Me by Your Name,” Fallon’s book club and “the language of love.” Fallon knows that the real Chalamet isn’t actually French, but the puppet must be!

“Hello, I am ze Timothée Chalamet puppette,” Fallon said in his accent. “I know! I am rare. I am unbelievable.”

Fallon explained that the puppet maker actually designs wallpaper as his day job, and he even broke his mold used to make the Chalamet puppet so that another copy could never be made.

Last month, Vulture caught up with the designer, who said he calls the puppet “Timmy” and that though he’s made a handful of other celebrity lookalike puppets, this is the first time one has gone viral and earned him internet scorn.

Tuesday’s guest on “The Tonight Show,” Fred Armisen even sang a brief duet with Timmy, so it’s possible we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

Watch the clip of Fallon with the puppet above.

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