Jeremy Clarkson admits he loves when Who Wants To Be A Millionaire players lose

Jeremy Clarkson has confessed that he enjoys seeing contestants lose on ITV's hit show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The former Top Gear presenter has been hosting the revamped quizzing series since 2018 and has become loved by viewers for his straightforward nature and hosting ability.

But while speaking at ITV's autumn entertainment schedule launch, the 62-year-old made a hilarious confession to host Joel Dommett.

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Talking fondly of the show, Jeremy joked: "I really really love doing it. It's lovely to see people when they win a lot of money and it's just as lovely to see people when they don't,."

During last week's episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, news reader Dan Walker appeared in the hot seat as he took part in the celebrity version of the show for charity.

Despite having a fairly smooth ride on the programme, Dan hit a stumbling block and unfortunately lost out on £64,000.

Jeremy asked the former BBC Breakfast host: "Hell is other people, is the English translation of a famous line in a play of which writer?”

The options included Jean-Paul Sartre, Henrik Ibsen, Bertoit Brecht or Anton Chekov.

However, the broadcaster was unsure as he admitted: "Oh dear, that’s a toughie."

Using his Ask The Host lifeline, Dan, 45, said: "You're a well-read individual, aren't you, I reckon you know your stuff.

"I’m going to ask you to help me, please."

But Jeremy was also perplexed by the question and replied: "Here’s what I think, I’m going to be honest I don’t know, I mean you’ve got 50/50 left."

He then said: "Well, Chekov has never written anything that interesting," to which Dan responded: "I was discounting Chekov."

The quizzing host then said: "I am no use to you at all here, I’m really sorry about that.

They are all catastrophic dullards those four, that’s all I know and that’s why I’m not familiar with their work, so that is my final answer."

After using his 50/50 Dan chose Henrik Ibsen but quickly learned that it was the wrong answer.

Trying to console his loss, Jeremy said: "I’m really sorry about that Dan, really sorry about that. The fact is though you are leaving here with £32,000."


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