Jason Watkins pays tribute to fantastic The Catch co-star

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This Wednesday, Channel 5 viewers will see Jason Watkins take on the role of proud husband and father Ed Collier. However, when his daughter’s new boyfriend comes into the picture, things start to take a turn. Speaking to Express.co.uk, the actor spoke about working with his co-stars in the upcoming series.

The Catch is the latest Channel 5 psychological thriller which is based on The Sunday Times Bestselling author T.M. Logan’s novel of the same name.

It follows the tale of a local fisherman and his wife Claire (Cathy Belton) who are continuing to struggle with the death of their son who died years before.

Determined to keep his family together, things take a sinister turn when his daughter Abbie (Poppy Gilbert) introduces her new boyfriend Ryan (Aneurin Barnard).

With the threat of their daughter being taken away by this new man in her life, Ed makes it his mission to uncover the truth about Ryan which leads to his own life spiralling out of control.

Speaking to Express.co.uk and other media outlets on the upcoming series, actor Jason Watkins touched on how it’s been working on The Catch as he paid tribute to his co-stars.

Touching on his character trying to cope with his grief, the actor said: “He’s trying to do it on his own. I’m a bit like that.

“I try and do it on my own and you can’t. You have to include the person you love and the people you love, let them in and let them help you.”

The 60-year-old commented on the cast of The Catch and how he found working with his on-screen wife.

He added: “Cathy has just been so brilliant to work with and from day one I just stood subliminally, consciously or otherwise.

“I looked at her and I knew she understood what was going on.

“That’s very rare to work with someone so wonderful like that. I’m not just saying that, we had a really fantastic time together as actors.

“Poppy’s a real find isn’t she, who’s playing our daughter, what an actress she’s going to be and then Aneurin is just exceptional.”

“We were very close when we worked together.”

The four-part series is set against the beautiful coastline of the southwest of England as it covers themes of grief, loss and toxic masculinity.

An overview for The Catch reads: “When a dark secret from Ed’s past returns to haunt him, he risks losing everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.

“As his determination to solve the mystery veers dangerously into obsession, the stage is set for a chilling climax leaving both Ed and Ryan’s lives hanging in the balance.”

In the first episode, viewers will see Ed struggle to keep his head above water when a rival fisherman steals his business.

Things get even worse for him when Abbie brings home her new boyfriend, who Ed is immediately wary of.

Deciding to team up with his daughter’s ex-boyfriend George they decide to delve into Ryan’s past but are alarmed by the truth they uncover.

The Catch starts Wednesday, January 25 on Channel 5 from 9pm.

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