Jane McDonald left red-faced as she admits Im flirting with you

Jane McDonald embarrassed after flirting with diving instructor

Jane McDonald was on yet another holiday trip where she gave her best tips and tricks to make the most of people’s holidays.

Holidaying in Seychelles meant she was able to go snorkelling around the coral reefs and was stunned at the variety of fish around.

After being helped back onto shore and her flippers being taken off, Jane sat with the group she had spent the day with and found herself flirting with the diving instructor.

She expressed: “Listen, don’t worry about your age, just get in there because it is another world and I always think that is a good thing.

“I loved every minute of that, in fact, cheers everyone! Thank you so much for letting me join in today, and I am fond of you all.

“I dive as well, just want to let you know! I’ll drink to that, oh hello… look at me flirting, I am so sorry I’m flirting with you now!”

This wasn’t the only time that Jane was left red-faced during her trip to Seychelles after finding a body-shaped nut during her tour of the jungle.

During their tour, they were told about how the plants “mated” and grew large nuts which could weigh the same as a small child.

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When first looking at the nut close up, Jane exclaimed: “That is the nut! That’s… oh blimey that is about as heavy as me!”

“That is very much like… that is incredible isn’t it,” she added,

The guide also presented her with the male tree nutshell, before Jane admitted: “That is absolutely fascinating.

“I don’t like to touch it, because it is a male… an appendage, I am a bit funny about touching things like that.”

Reflecting on the experience and how much she had learnt, Jane said: “I have been fascinated by this today!

“At first when I heard about it I thought ‘Oh it will be a bit of a joke, we might look at something rude’.

“But it’s incredible, I am gobsmacked, this is definitely worth the visit! I feel like we are quite special to be here, it’s amazing.

“You really feel like you’re in the jungle here, a bit like I’m A Celebrity, everything is so huge, it’s absolutely fascinating to be here.”

The Seychelles with Jane McDonald is available to watch on My5.

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