James Martin apologises to Jamie Oliver after sneaky admission on air

James Martin's guest admits to moving Jamie Oliver's book

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James Martin’s Saturday Morning welcomed this weekend’s guests to the studio for some delicious dishes and a natter. Among them was chef Sabrina Gidda who was promoting the release of her first cookbook, Modern South Asian Kitchen. But while they were talking about her latest achievement, James and French chef Daniel Galmiche admitted to doing wrong by Jamie Oliver in the past.

Sabrina Gidda was cooking up a storm on James Martin’s Saturday Morning with the man himself by her side and Galmiche sitting on the sidelines.

The trio were talking about her inspiration for the book and how this was “special” because it was her first one.

James shared how he released his first cookery book three decades ago, so has had plenty of experience when it comes to writing and promoting his work.

He then jokingly suggested Sabrina take a more tactical approach to getting her book seen by more readers.

James told his guest: “I see, I know what you’ll be doing now.

“You’ll be going around a supermarket, getting the book, taking Jamie Oliver away -“

This is when his other guest Daniel excitedly interrupted the host, exclaiming: “Yes, I’ve done that!”

James and Daniel laughed and pointed at one another, knowingly aware of their antics.

The pair then high-fived, seemingly confirming that they were both guilty of moving the famous Essex chef’s work.

Still laughing, James turned to the camera and said: “Sorry Jamie!

“But all of a sudden Jamie’s number 26!”

Daniel responded: “So cool. I’m glad you said that, I thought you just reminded me, I moved so many books away.”

Apparently, James and Daniel aren’t the only ones who get involved in the sneaky bookshelf switching either.

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James added: “The key to it is to get your family to do it – give some of them a fiver and they’re all doing it.

“They’re all doing it all over the country!”

The three chefs chuckled at the idea, before resuming their composure and getting back to cooking.

This morning’s show also welcomed a couple other familiar faces to the kitchen.

James was joined by Homes Under the Hammer star Martin Roberts, who talked about the show marking its 20th anniversary in a few months’ time.

He also mentioned he had started a “life project”, having purchased a pub in Wales.

Meanwhile, former Welsh rugby union player Scott Quinnell discussed his Dyslexia diagnosis.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs every Saturday at 9.30am on ITV.

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