Jacqueline Jossa reveals 2021 goal to 'eat better and move more' as she admits she didn't gain weight over Christmas

JACQUELINE Jossa revealed her secret behind not putting on any weight over the holiday period and it's not what you might think.

The former Eastenders star, 28, posted an adorable photo of herself curled up on the couch with her daughters with Dan Osborne, Ella, five, and Mia, two.

In the New Year's post, Jac admitted to staying in her pyjamas for most of December and needed to get back to a routine.

She started the post: "Osborne girlies♥️"

"Okay I have literally been in pjs for 3 weeks straight.. bath and then a new pair.. send help.

"I need to try and get back to some sort of life. Had a chilled Xmas and not been on much."

Jac added: "How is everyone, 2021 is no different is it.. either way happy new year and all that.

"Alsooooo I had a revelation…. I eat like it’s this Xmas week every single week which is why I don’t gain weight over Xmas…. ? I really gotta get into it this year, eat better and move more.

" Please say 2021 is the year If not anything else I get my ass into gear. Ffs. ?."

She finished by writing "love yous!! Xx" to her 3.1million followers.

Along with overhauling her diet and fitness, 2021 will be a huge year for Jac and her family.

Her and Dan are moving house and their new pad requires a completely redo.

The celebrity couple will sell-up their £1million Essex home to move into new digs, leaving behind their rocky 2020 which almost saw their marriage end.

They have set up a new Instagram account – @homewiththeosbornes – to document their move and subsequent remodelling.

Jacqueline, 28, took a video of Dan, 29, as he sat their kitchen table playing Lego, urging him to announce their new Instagram account.

"Is this a video," he laughed as Jac squealed with delight in the background, but he quickly got into it.

"Hello everyone, hope you're all well, I'm taking over Jacquie's Instagram because I'm a lot funnier and cooler than her, so just wanted to ask you guys," Dan then paused to ask their daughter, Ella, six, who was also at the table, "is daddy cool?".

She enthusiastically agreed before Dan continued: "I just wanted to ask you guys to follow our home account, we are going to be moving home pretty soon and it's going to be exciting and we're going to have a lovely house and do it up.

"We want to take you on a journey with us, let's go… follow."

Jac then shared a screenshot of the new Insta page, whose solitary post features a cute selfie of the couple in matching white bath robes.

She captioned the screenshot: "Thought we would jump on it and get a home account, we are moving home soon, have some fun ideas, needs some work, so we thought we would show you.

"[Sic] Keep up with us etc and don't want to annoy the main feed. So give us a follow if you're interested."

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