ITV2 The Cabins’ Joel desperate to date someone ‘from outside of Swansea’

Cheeky Welshman Joel is looking for love on the new ITV2 show The Cabins as he has already worked his way through his options in his hometown.

The 22-year-old bin-man hails from Swansea and is hoping to be matched with a woman from further afield.

Joel is one of 12 contestants taking part in ITV’s brand new dating show which sees singletons meet and move in together in romantic cabins within the UK countryside.

Viewers will watch to see whether the pair fall for one another over their first 24 hours together, or if they want to call it a day, as they look for love amid a log cabin setting complete with a hot tub.

Asked why he signed up for the show, Joel said: “Basically struggling to find someone in Swansea. I always say to my mum, I want to find someone outside of Swansea.”

He also said he finds the concept of the show appealing.

Joel said: “I’m looking forward to the environment – the comfort, cabin life. And obviously the jacuzzi at the front – I’m dying to get in there.”

Looking back at his past dating experience, Joel said: “I wouldn’t say anything is amazing – most of the time it’s like a one hour/ two hour date.

“If you’re going to have an amazing date you’ve got to have the right girlfriend to do that, not just a one-off date. I haven’t had that yet, I’ve not had a long-term girlfriend.”

He also hopes he will be able to capture the attention of his love match on The Cabins – after a past date ended in disaster.

He said: “There was one girl who was on the phone constantly. When I tried to make conversation with her she was constantly on her phone. I thought, 'that’s rude'.”

Joel says he wants to meet someone “Bubbly, cute, knows how to look after herself and easy to have a conversation with,” and thinks Lucie Donlan from Love Island would be an ideal girlfriend.

He gushed: “I was like, ‘Oh my god, she surfs!’ I just like girls who do any sports activities.”

The Cabins starts Monday January 4th at 9pm on ITV2

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