Is Stu free from his murder verdict? Hearing outcome confirmed in Corrie

Stu Carptener’s (Bill Fellows) attempt at clearing his name in Coronation Street has not worked out the way he hoped.

While it’s certainly looking like the conviction will be quashed, we know Stu is only in the position he’s in now because Charlie Walter’s real killer was recently confirmed – Stu’s daughter, Bridget (Beth Vyse).

Bridget told her dad the truth a few weeks ago and explained that she killed Charlie in a state of anger and jealousy, aware her dad was having an affair and could not understand why Stu would rather spend time with Charlie than his own family.

Stu further learnt that Lucy (Lynda Rooke) – Bridget’s mum – knew all about the murder and helped cover the death up.

In the aftermath, Bridget and Lucy headed to the police station and confessed everything.

This has left Stu in an incredibly difficult position. On one hand, he’s attempting to process Bridget and Lucy’s truth but also, he’s been tasked with looking after his granddaughter – young Eliza.

Stu was told that because his name hadn’t been cleared, Eliza needed to go into care but next week, things change again as Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) arrives to collect him for the court hearing.

Returning home, Stu is exhausted but explains to Yasmeen (Shelley King) that it’s good news – his conviction has been overturned.

Time for celebrating is put on hold though, as Stu also tells Yasmeen that if Eliza is to live with him, he’ll have to move out so she can have her own bedroom.

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