Is Kendall Jenner the Most Neglected Kardashian-Jenner Sister?

Everyone has that one person in the family who feels like they aren’t loved as much as the rest. Whether there is truth to it or not, it’s easy to think that one sibling is getting more attention than the others. When it comes to the Kardashians and the Jenners, fans quickly pick up when they notice how a certain sister is being treated.

Right now, that so-called neglected sister is Kendall Jenner. Fans have noted Kendall’s absence from family photos and her smaller role on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But is this a case of the Kardashian family neglecting the oldest Jenner sister or is there more than meets the eye?

Kendall Jenner likes to keep certain things private

It’s hard not to notice that Kendall Jenner doesn’t get nearly the level of media attention as some of her other sisters, most notably Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. But to think that this isn’t intentional would be a mistake.

Kendall has admitted on numerous occasions that she likes to keep things private. This applies to all aspects of her life. The reality star has previously said that once you invite the media into your relationship, it changes things. For this reason, we usually don’t hear much about Kendall’s romantic relationships. When it comes to her most recent relationship that just ended with NBA star Ben Simmons, the couple didn’t confirm their relationship until a year after they started dating.

Last year, Kendall revealed that she suffers from anxiety, admitting that she has had several panic attacks. She said her anxiety began shortly after her older sister, Kim, was robbed in Paris. After the Paris robbery, Kendall’s own home was burglarized as well. Kendall admits that after these events, she doesn’t really like to go out. 

Kendall Jenner is the only sister that hasn’t had a child

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With the birth of Stormi Webster last year, Kylie became the latest woman in the Kardashian family to become a mother. After years of wanting a child, Khloe Kardashian became a mother last year as well. This leaves Kendall Jenner as the only sister that doesn’t have any children.

While Kendall may not be ready to have children yet, it has certainly led to some interesting family moments. For Mother’s Day, Kris Jenner posted a collage of her children and grandchildren on Instagram. The post included all of her children, except Kendall. Though the tribute was obviously directed as a gesture to her children that are mothers, that didn’t stop Kendall from commenting “love you too, mom” on the post.

But that’s not the only time Kendall has been left out because she is yet to have children. There have been several other occasions where the sisters have posed together with their children. For those with a cynical mind, it could be suggested that the family should still find a way to include Kendall in such events, as surely she is an active and loving aunt.

Is Kendall Jenner the most neglected Kardashian-Jenner sister?

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There’s a difference between choosing to live your life differently and being neglected. It’s clear that Kendall isn’t 100% comfortable in the level of exposure that her lifestyle demands. She has chosen to keep things private and not give too much information to people she thinks could pose a risk to her.

As for the relationship with her family, Kendall is close with all of her sisters. She frequently posts photos with her siblings and has done multiple business collaborations with her family.

Speaking of business, Kendall has different responsibilities than her sisters. Kendall is not the CEO of a beauty company, she is a model. Her job takes her around the world and comes with a demanding schedule. If there are missed events are pictures that she is missing from, there’s a good chance that Kendall was working. Let’s be honest, if the Kardashian family was really neglecting Kendall Jenner, we’re sure they’d find some way to make it news.

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