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CAROL Vorderman rose to fame when she first appeared on Countdown.

The much-loved TV star tends to keep her life away from TV private, but is she married?

Is Carol Vorderman married?

Carol Vorderman is not married.

She has been married twice in the past but has said now she prefers to date multiple men rather than settling down with one partner.

Former Countdown presenter Carol has always been candid about her love life and back in July of this year explained why she chooses to date multiple men rather than settling down with one partner.

The star explained to the Loose Women panel that she “feels free”not having a serious relationship.

Having "special friends" instead gives her time to pursue other hobbies such as camping trips.

When asked about her approach of having “special friends” in her life she explained: “When you're growing up as a young girl, you're told you should have one partner and that suits a lot of people.

“But we all have women and girlfriends who are getting older going, 'I wouldn't mind if (my partner and I) lived in separate houses.’

“I do feel free.”

The telly favourite was on celeb dating app Raya, and previously revealed she had been bombarded by offers from men and women on the network for elite singletons.

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It is not known if she still uses the platform, which counts One Direction's Niall Horan and Friends star Matthew Perry among its clientele.

Who are her ex-husbands?

Christopher Mather

Carol tied the knot with Naval Officer Christopher Mather in 1985 when she was just 24.

However, the pair separated after just a year of married life.

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Patrick King

Four years after Carol and Christopher split, Carol said 'I do' to media personality and management consultant Patrick King.

The couple had two children – Katie and Cameron – before they divorced in 2000.

And Carol has pretty much ruled out a third trip down the aisle, saying: "I never want to get married again."

Who else has Carol Vorderman dated?

Since her second divorce, Carol has been linked to several other romantic interests.

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She had a long-term relationship with former Daily Mirror deputy editor Des Kelly in the early 2000s, but separated after several years.

Carol also dated toy boy pilot Graham Duff on and off for around four years until calling it quits in 2016.

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