Inside Susan Boyle's life now – with £22million fortune, impressive weight loss and healed relationship with brother

SUSAN Boyle became one of TV's biggest ever success stories when she belted out I Dreamed A Dream on Britain's Got Talent.

In the 13 years since Susan left Simon Cowell's jaw on the floor during the audition round of the show, she has performed around the world and amassed a fortune.

But she's also kept her feet firmly on the ground and done things on her own terms.

We take a look at what she's been up to in the years since finishing second to dance troupe Diversity.


Susan's music career is reported to have earned her £22million – but she isn't flash with her cash at all.

The star revealed to Piers Morgan that she lives off a rather more humble £300-£500 weekly allowance, calling the sum "plenty".

Last year we revealed how her four companies made £2million in 2019.

Her main company Duil Limited generated over £1.2million in the past year, while two other firms Speur Business banked £463,000 and Speur Ltd cashed in £127,000, up from £22,500 the year before.

A fourth company, Speur Films, which was set up to deal with funds from a Hollywood film about her life banked £91,000, amid news a TV company picked up the rights to her biography at the end of last year.

While her wealth has allowed her to live a comfortable life, it was also at the heart of a feud with her brother.

Brotherly Love

Susan and brother Gerry went two-and-a-half years without speaking after rumours circulated that he'd threatened to take his own life if she didn't give him £50,000.

The singer has reportedly given her sibling £400,000 over the years, but he became unhappy when she refused to cut ties with the family members who had made the claims.

However, they've been on good terms since 2016 when Gerry came to her aide after she had a row with Heathrow Airport staff.

Secret romance

Susan's first romantic relationship was with an American doctor she met in a hotel while touring.

Things didn't develop beyond dating, and Susan has said that she thinks the marriage ship has now sailed.

 She previously said: "I did have a gentleman friend, a doctor.

"We went for lunch but I didn't tell anyone.

"But if I had a man friend it would be purely platonic – I've been on my own too long now to get married."

In a chat with The Lady magazine, Susan, who has never had a significant romantic relationship, added: "It's good manners to wait to be asked, so I'll just have to continue to keep waiting.

"If I get fan letters from men, I'm flattered that they like me."

Reality Check

Susan still lives in her childhood home in Blackburn, West Lothian. She paid £111,000 to own the semi-detached ex-council house next door too, to create her dream home.

Her attachment to the property was too strong to part with, and she prefers the familiar surroundings to a posh mega mansion.

She once paid £300,000 for a brand-new five-bedroom house but found it hard to settle in so moved in her niece in and moved back to her original home.

She previously told OK! : "It’s to do with the memories of your house and your upbringing, you need to take stock of things and maybe see where you come from and where your roots lie."

She added: "It’s best to be grounded and with your roots. It keeps you grounded and prevents you from saying things maybe you shouldn't say."

Body Transformation

In2016 Susan revealed she'd dropped two stone after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

She looked fit and healthy after shedding the pounds, proudly showing off her old trousers.

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