Inside ex Strictly star Louis Smith's huge home renovation as he struggles with DIY disasters and does the work himself

FORMER Strictly star Louis Smith has embarked on his most ambitious project to date – renovating his new home all by himself.

The Olympic gymnast, 32, got the keys to his 1920s two bedroom bungalow in March but it wasn't without it's hiccups, revealing they were forced to fire their first solicitor while the second one quit. 

Since then, the star has faced an uphill battle renovating the place by himself and has documented the transformation on a dedicated Instagram account, Home renovation 2021, as well as on his YouTube channel.

Louis revealed his plans to transform the "dated" property during a house tour in the first episode of his YouTube series titled, 'OUR FIRST -Bungalow Home Renovation'.

And while he and and partner Charlie Bruce were excited to get going on the project, the sports star revealed that the property is riddled with problems including asbestos in the utility room and an old boiler.

But that wasn't all as Louis admitted he's "dealing with things out of my league" while tackling a rusty looking gas pipe in the second installment of his YouTube series.

In the clip, Louis said he was "nervous" as he sets about removing a radiatorfor fear of "flooding the house".

He says: "This part is something I’ve been dreading. Removing the radiator so we can knock through.

"I’m not a plumber, but I’ve watched loads of videos on YouTube and I’ve got plumber friends, I’ve contacted them for advice. So I’m going to try that today.

"Hopefully I don’t flood the house, but I’m a little bit nervous about it, I’m not going to lie. 

"Obviously I don’t want to end up costing myself more money so I’m going to take my time and see what happens. But hopefully we don’t ruin the house!"

Louis might be feeling the pinch after a year without theatre work, but says at the end of a recent YouTube video that, "For a one man band, I tell you what – we’re doing alright."

And his fears are confirmed when black water starts to shoot out after disconnecting the radiator.

He screams: "Oh s**t! Well that was nearly a catastrophe. Right, let's go problem solve."

After successfully removing the radiator he says, "So we’ve got the radiator off. There’s so much to crack on with, but this kind of takes priority, so let’s start bashing out the wall."

After demolishing a wall he says, “We’re getting there. For a one man band, I tell you what – we’re doing alright.” 

Louis has started the project after becoming a dad for the first time in February.

The Olympic gymnast, who retired from the sport in 2018,welcomed his daughter Marley Valentina Smith with partner Charlie Bruce

He has been dating 30-year-old Charlie since November 2017. She is best known for winning BBC One's So You Think You Can Dance in 2010.

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