Ingrid Vikings: Why did Ingrid become Queen of Kattegat?

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Ingrid (played by Lucy Martin) shocked viewers in the final instalment of Vikings, which arrived in full on December 30, 2020. In season six, part B, fans discovered how Ingrid had been a powerful witch, who called on the gods to help her get revenge on Erik (Eric Johnson). Viewers are keen to know why Ingrid became Queen of Kattegat in the final moments of the series.

Why did Ingrid become Queen of Kattegat?

Ingrid was introduced in the first half of season six as a citizen of Kattegat who caught the eye of the King, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig).

Bjorn had already been married to shieldmaiden Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars), and she had noticed her husband’s affections for Ingrid.

Gunnhild caught Bjorn and Ingrid together, and in order to keep her husband happy, she agreed Ingrid could become Bjorn’s second wife.

At the end of the first half of the season, King Harald (Peter Franzén) showed an interest in Ingrid and he ended up raping her.

By the second half of the season, fans started to discover how Ingrid was more powerful than she had initially let on.

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Believing she was carrying Bjorn’s child, she decided to stand for the role of the next ruler of Kattegat.

She was then seen performing a spell, which would help her win the title, and this is when fans came to learn of her dark powers.

Not long after her supernatural abilities became known, she was pursued by Erik, who also had a hunger for power.

In order to remove him from the picture, Ingrid performed another ritual, calling on the gods to turn Erik blind.

As Erik’s sight began to deteriorate, so did his authority in Kattegat, and Ingrid began to earn the respect of other leaders in the area.

By the end of the series, she had devised a shocking plan with one of the slaves she had once known.

The pair plotted to kill Erik when he least expected it, and Ingrid’s slave friend was able to stab him with a pitchfork.

With Erik dead, Ingrid took the crown, and the series ended with the citizens of Kattegat shouting: “All hail the Queen”.

This came as a huge shock for fans, who felt Ingrid’s character was “just the girl who had eyes for Bjorn”.

They took to Reddit to discuss the huge plot twist, with westenderMD saying: “I don’t understand what is implied. That she rules happily because she has supposedly Bjorn’s son?

“Everything with her in it was intriguing, exciting – but it fell flat to me. Was she revealed to be a witch before the break because I don’t remember. It felt really hamfisted with how many times something else got added to her backstory.”

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Some viewers have described Ingrid as a “filler” character, and they believed Gunnhild should have been the next ruler.

Instead, Gunnhild decided to sacrifice herself to be reunited with Bjorn after he was slain in the Rus battle.

Ingrid’s character change most likely marked the end of the Golden Age of the Vikings – a fear Gunnhild had predicted.

She had warned Bjorn maybe “the Golden Age of the Vikings has gone”.

UnluckyPelican said: “I didn’t care for this storyline. The important thing I took away from it is the fact that her rise to power is the nail in the coffin for the Kingdom of Kattegat.”

The finale had many people questioning why a smaller character like Ingrid should become Queen, following such a long line of powerful predecessors, such as Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel).

Uhtred_McUhtredson said: “Best I can figure is her reign signified the beginning of the end of the classical golden era of the Viking age.

“She had no real connection to Ragnar or his legacy and only seemed to want power for its own sake.”

AC-Hawkmoon agreed, saying: “I can get behind this explanation. I was irked by her being queen, but Gunnhild mentioned something along the lines of “maybe the golden age of the great heroes is over” and Ingrid is a good example of that.

“No more Ragnar, Lagertha, Bjorn, or the other larger than life characters. Nope, it’s a nobody that made a couple plays and has no connection to any of the great leaders from before. [sic]”

The creator of the show, Michael Hirst, said he was extremely proud of the female heroes in the series, including Ingrid who found her true calling at the end of the final season.

Vikings season 6 part 2 airs on History and Prime Video

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