Industry release date: When will Industry air?

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Industry is a new British drama series which is due to air on HBO and BBC Two soon, and it will be made up of eight episodes. Both fans in the US and UK will be able to watch the episodes, which will air weekly, and they have all been given unique titles. has everything you need to know about when Industry will air.

When will Industry air?

Industry is a tense new drama series which has been created by Mickey Brown and Konrad Kay, and it tells the story of a group of graduates who are all after a job at a London investment bank.

The lines between friends and colleagues are crossed as these eager graduates dive into the intense world of international finance.

Jane Tranter, who has produced the series, told Variety: “The scripts for ‘Industry’ have an energy and direction that comes from their firsthand experience of the trading floor, and their ear for sharp dialogue immediately captured our attention.”

The young graduates will experience the realities of adult working life for the first time, where they will learn how the smallest of mistakes can cause catastrophe.

As the episodes will be airing weekly, fans will have to wait in suspense to see how the story unravels.

The series will be released on both HBO and BBC Two on November 9, with the second episode airing on November 16, and so on.

Some of the episode titles have been released, and they include: ‘Induction’, ‘Quiet and Nice’, ‘Notting Hill’, ‘Sesh’, ‘Learned Behaviour’ and ‘Nutcracker’.

The season finale will air at the end of 2020, or early in the New Year, so viewers have plenty of content to look forward to in the coming months.

Myha’la Herrold, who plays Harper in the series, said each of the characters are at the most important stage of their lives as they enter the niche world of finance.

They are forced to age quickly as they are thrown into a culture of sex, drugs and fierce competition – and they are far from ready for all three.

A teaser for the series has been released and it shows Harper revealing why she wants to enter the world of finance.

She is heard saying: “I think this is the closest thing to meritocracy there is. I only want to be judged on the strength of my abilities. This is a play for the end.”

Meanwhile viewers are given insight into office culture at the business, which involves a lot of partying, drugs and feuds.

Fans have already fallen in love with the series, with one saying: “Take notes Netflix this is how you make trailers. Leave the audience begging to watch the show sooner. Not trailers where you meet the entire cast and watch the entire show.”

Another fan said: “HBO has the most sophisticated content out there. Truly incomparable.”

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In the series, set in London, Harper is the only colleague from America and actress Herrold said it was a huge culture shock for her.

But for her character, she has to deal with more than just a new location – she is taking on one of the most challenging and pressurising jobs out there.

The series promises to be about more than just money, instead it focuses on the individual characters and how they figure themselves out during their time in the industry.

The first episodes starts on day one at the investment firm, so fans will follow the same journey as the characters as they come to realise what they have got themselves into.

One fan said on YouTube: “Why does this trailer make me feel so weirdly there’s something from my past that I’m missing.”

Conor MacNeill joins the cast as Kenny Kilblane, with Marisa Abela as Yasmin and Priyanga Burford as Sara Dhadwal.

Actress Herrold shared the trailer for the new series on Instagram and she referenced one of the quotes from the series – “Do not forget how this feels right now.”

Fans were quick to express their excitement, with one saying: “Really looking forward to this Myha’la!! Congratulations, it looks like it’s going to be great!”

HBO provided a synopsis for the series, explaining how it was a fight to be the best of the best in the business.

They said: “Examining issues of gender, race, class, and privilege in the workplace, Industry shows how these impressionable young minds begin to forge their identities within the pressure-cooker environment and sensory blitz of Pierpoint & Co’s trading floor, where meritocracy is promised but hierarchy is king.”

Industry airs on HBO and BBC Two on November 9

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