Im A Celebs Owen Warner game plan exposed by ex-ITV star after fake clue

I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! star Owen Warner's "gameplan" has been foiled by Nicola McLean.

Hollyoaks star Owen has been branded a "try hard" who has been playing the "dumb card" to try and win viewers over.

The 23-year-old has kept viewers entertained so far with his simple one-liners – and coming off as possibly not the brightest tool in the box.

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However, Nicola thinks she's rumbled him and told Daily Star exclusively: "Let's see if Owen really does keep on coming out with these one-liners or he's trying to play the dumb card."

Talking about his reference to Scarlette Douglas, she added: "Don't get me wrong, he's probably never watched A Place in the Sun but surely but the sentence of she's from A Place in the Sun you would realise…"

She continued: "If he does maybe it will be really funny but Joey Essex is like that, but he's genuinely like that, if he does I'll say that's a bit of gameplan but we will see in the week.

"But when I say stuff like this, I get the worst trolls from their family like with Danny Millers' family last year."

The 2008 IAC star continued to vent: "I'm 41 and I don't like all the words like 'gassed' that he uses and I've got 16-year-old son and if he said it'd be like 'ugh'.

"His wording for me I think it's a bit try hard for me but he also cheated on my friend Steph Davis so I've got to be loyal here.

"He might have turned over a new leaf but I didn't like all the words, I can't listen to someone speaking like that."

Page 3 icon Nicola also revealed she was once not allowed to do an IAC trial due to her big boobs.

During an exclusive Instagram Live interview with the Daily Star, she told how she couldn't do a challenge set by ITV bosses because of her GG implants.

Nicola said: "There was something in there, I can’t remember exactly but I couldn’t do a trial because of my implants.

"There was something with a harness because we were worried they’d end up around the back, as implants can move, but yeah I can’t remember what it was but I wasn’t allowed to do something.

"Maybe it was laying on my front in the challenge that I couldn’t do, as they were in the way or something but they’re always in the way, to be honest."

I'm A Celeb airs Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV

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