I'm A Celebrity fans shocked as Vernon Kay screams the F-word in live TV blunder after being warned not to swear

I'M A Celebrity's Vernon Kay screamed the F-word in a live TV blunder tonight after being warned not to swear by hosts Ant and Dec.

Telly star Vernon, 46, couldn't help himself as cockroaches, worms and maggots were dumped over him during the Royal Tournament games.

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Vernon went head to head with Victoria Derbyshire to get as many gold coins as he could and win a banquet meal for the boys' team.

In typical I'm A Celeb fashion the pair were subjected to the task while wading through creepy crawlies.

One nasty bug must have crawled up his pants as TV star Vernon let out a wail and screamed "f***k!"

His blunder didn't go unnoticed as fans at home flooded Twitter and one said: "Vernon screaming f**k on live TV. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #ImACeleb"

Another tweeted: "vernon kay screaming “f**k” is my new religion"

Dozens more asked on Twitter: "Did Vernon Kay just shout ‘F**K’ on live telly?"

And others shared memes, with the caption: "Ant & dec: 'No swearing'
Vernon: 'F**K!' The whole of the UK…."

The ex Family Fortunes host was forced say goodbye to his daughter Phoebe, 16, and Amber, 11, when he moved into his temporary home at Gwrych Castle in Wales.

His wife Tess has been managing his Instagram account whilst he's away and shared a video of Vernon following tonight's trial.

In the clip he waved to the camera after shaking off the bugs, and mouthed '"hi" and said his daughters names.

Sharing the moment, Tess wrote: "Nice to see the novelty of live TV hasn't worn off for @vernonkay 👋 #ImACeleb"


A post shared by Vernon (@vernonkay)

He's also sending a secret signal to Tess by rocking a large diamond horseshoe ring on his finger as a sweet reminder of their love.

Vernon, who is a mega Elvis Presley fan, previously explained that his wife surprised him on their wedding anniversary with the chunky ring.

Chatting to Now back in 2010, he said: "The most romantic thing Tess has done for me was for our wedding anniversary.

"I'm a huge Elvis Presley fan and when he first signed his record deal he bought himself a pinky ring with a lucky horseshoe on it."

Vernon said the ring has a poignant meaning behind it and is a constant reminder of his wife.

He added: "I had a really bad fake copy of it from Graceland, but she took it to a Hatton Garden jeweller and had a white gold version made with real diamonds.

"It's quality! I couldn't believe it when she had it made. It only ever comes out on themed nights, though."

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