I'm A Celeb spoiler: Jordan North screams in terror as he faces his ultimate fears in horrific underground tunnel trial

I'M A Celebrity's Jordan North screams in terror in tonight's show as he faces his ultimate fear.

The Radio One DJ is showered with creepy-crawlies as he pulls himself through a cramped underground tunnel in his quest to win 12 stars for camp.

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Last night he raised concerns that he might not be able to do the trial at all, but he bravely soldiered on to try and win meals for camp.

In a sneak peek at the Trapped Door trial, Jordan focuses on his happy place, Burnley FC's Turf Moor, to get him through.

He can be seen frantically trying to free yellow stars from twisted and tangled copper rods as he lies on his back inside an underground shaft.

But will he have what it takes to complete the trial and return with those all important meals in the bag?

It's been a tough start to Jordan's time on the show, with viewers constantly voting for him to do trials.

After watching in horror as Jordan vomited out of fear before abseiling down a cliff on the opening night – they wondered why the radio star would even enter the show. 

A friend of Jordan's told how he is scared of "pretty much everything" and even walked up 17 flights of stairs to avoid getting in a lift.

Talkradio presenter Darryl Morris lived with Jordan for two years and says that he isn’t putting on his fear of heights, lifts or snakes – he really is terrified of everything. 

He said: “Jordan really is scared of pretty much everything.

“On one occasion I scaled a 17 story building via the stairs with him because he wouldn't get in the lift. It's very, very, very real.

"I mean he truly, truly hates heights and actually, I was worried that people might think that he was putting it on a bit, he was playing up to it, but what you saw with him throwing up straight away – you can't fake that!”

“The thing is though, he's terrified of everything, but he's also very resilient. I think perhaps being terrified of everything for the whole of his life has made him very resilient and he'll throw himself into the trials.

"He'll have a go, he'll absolutely have a go! He's going to be such good value for that.”

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