I’m a body language expert and here are the signs Boy George will lose his temper with the campmates | The Sun

HE has been in the jungle for just over 48 hours, but already Boy George has made his feelings clear about things he doesn’t like.

The music icon looks set to ruffle a few feathers in the coming weeks of I'm A Celebrity – and body language expert Judi James thinks his temper will be tested.

Speaking to The Sun, Judi pointed out four major red flags that suggest trouble lies not very far ahead.

One of the signs she spotted was when he isolated himself from the group, and another when he later tried to get Chris Moyles on his side.

Judi also thinks he gave off "superiority signals" and displayed "dramatizing traits", adding to the potential for conflict down the line.

She explained that everything quickly changed once he entered the main jungle camp, wasting no time in “flexing his power.”

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The warning signs

  1. He took himself away from the group to sit alone. Groups like this depend on cohesion for their survival and when one member walks off to sit alone the effect on the others is powerful. It might seem like a non-aggressive act but it will corrode the mood of everyone else as they worry about what’s gone wrong.
  2. He tried to recruit Chris. Instead of making a playful comment to Charlene, George sat with Chris to vent his feelings, even trying to recruit him back into his more rebellious ‘gang’ via some threats like ‘I’m not going to be horrible but I’m not being told what to do’ and ‘I’m not going to fit in too much’. His body language as he spoke to Chris involved unbroken eye contact combined with a raised hand clasp, signalling confidence and power. His thumbs were rubbing together, hinting at impatience.
  3. Superiority signals. When George sat in the hut complaining about the mushrooms his accelerated blink rate and his expression of borderline disgust made him look like a diner complaining at a five star restaurant.
  4. Dramatizing traits. George used words that turned a simple mushroom meal into a full-blown hierarchical drama. He kept repeating his gripe about the mushrooms with no apparent sense of irony or awareness that it was all just trivia. He referred to the ‘hierarchy’ of Charlene and Mike then accelerated verbally to call it a ‘patriarchy’. The message is that if he is getting wound up so soon about something so trivial and already using techniques to deal with his emotions, what will happen when the pressures are really on the whole team?

 “There was no honeymoon period from George in terms of team dynamics and bonding rituals, he went straight for the ‘storming’ stage by flexing his power muscles in a very emphatic way after only a few hours.

“George was happy and comfortable in his team of four, where he was centre of attention and liked by the other three, but when his group merged with the larger team in their territory and with their established hierarchy and pecking order, George found his place in the pecking order had vanished and he was at risk of going from centre spot to bit-part player.”

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She warned that so far it seems George has an aversion to authority because he is building into a power struggle, with Mike Tindall firmly set in his sights.

“But although Mike might be the lead male alpha in there currently, there is such a queue for that alpha role that George would be way down the list.

“He’s got an England football captain; female alpha Charlene, and even apprentice alpha Owen who has shown he doesn’t mind taking control to contend with.

“This series is top-heavy with leaders, meaning a reluctant follower like George should mean nothing but trouble.”

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