Hollyoaks viewers convinced Summer is in love with Sienna after she warns blind date "she's mine"

HOLLYOAKS fans are convinced now more than ever that Summer Shaw is in love with arch-enemy Sienna after claiming “she’s mine” and threatening her blind date.

Summer catfished blind date Theo by pretending to be Sienna in tonight's first look Hollyoaks.

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Viewers were confused as Summer pretended to be Sienna on a date with Theo even though they are rivals.

But Summer’s feelings towards Sienna soon become clear as she vowed to murder Theo if he didn’t stay away from Sienna.

“If you ever contact Sienna again, you’ll regret it,” Summer said.

A surprised Theo asked: “You’re not even her?”

Summer spookily threatened Theo and said Sienna “belongs to me, not you or anyone else, she’s mine.”

Theo told Summer that she’s “out of her mind” to which Summer replied: “you have no idea”.

Showing no sign of backing down, Summer added: “I know where you live remember”.

Fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to Summer’s threats.

One viewer wrote: “Summer is obsessed with Sienna, but I feel like she’s in love with her too.”

Another said: “All I'm going to say is sienna and summer would make such a power couple.”

A third penned: “I was right. Summer's in love with Sienna.”

After Summer left to go back to her boyfriend Brody, he quizzed her on her whereabouts, and she lied: “Work was absolutely rammed.”

However, after a screwdriver fell from her coat, Brody spotted it and asked: “Where have you really been?”

Will Summer continue to date and lie to Brody, or will her infatuation with Sienna finally be exposed?

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers were shocked to see the return of Luke’s mother Sue.

The “family reunion” wasn’t all happy and Cindy and Luke caught up with her.

Cindy informed Sue of her engagement with Luke, but Sue seemed more interested in Mandy and her life.

By the end of the episode, Luke is far from happy to learn his mum wants to stick around.

After questioning her agenda, Sue revealed that she’s dying.

Hollyoaks continues at 6:30pm on Channel 4, with a first look at 7pm on E4.

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