Holly Willoughby mortified over This Morning swearing mishap

Holly Willoughby swears on This Morning Halloween special

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In Monday’s This Morning Halloween special, the excitement was too much for Holly Willoughby, who dropped an: “Oh, s***,” during the game. She immediately realised what she had done and, looking embarrassed, apologised to ITV viewers.

The game was getting intense as Holly and Phillip were neck and neck and the items kept rolling in.

Dressed as Wednesday Addams for the festive instalment, Holly was getting riled up as her competitive nature came out.

Holly picked up the next item and asked:  “What the hell?”

As it began to move, she remarked: “Oh, it’s electric!” before admitting: “Okay, I don’t know what that does.”

Suddenly she decided: “I know what that is…” but the time out signal was called.

“Oh s***!” she exclaimed before looking at Phil and putting a hand to her mouth.

“Sorry,” she added swiftly. “Sorry, sorry, sorry! Something might have just slipped out, I’m so sorry!”

“I am so sorry,” Phillip repeated, looking at the camera. “I think that Holly may have just sworn and for that, I can only apologise.

“And she will, after the show, be hanging in the car park with Matthew Wright.”

“It wasn’t Holly, it was Wednesday,” Holly joked, seeming embarrassed.

Phillip later tried to make light of the situation as he said: “Wash your mouth out!”

Meanwhile, This Morning viewers were quick to comment on the awkward moment, with some finding it funny.

Twitter user @onlysmols wrote: “Hahaha Holly is making my day today ‘oh sh*t’ I love swear words on live TV, it’s like finding a tenner on the floor  #ThisMorning.”

@zilli315 added: “Holly saying sh*t on #ThisMorning has been the best thing about this show today,” along with a laughing emoji.

@Auntie_Dana shared: “Holly/Wednesday never swore on live daytime TV?! #ThisMorning.”

@jaynie2905 added: “#ThisMorning it wasn’t @hollywills it was Wednesday. Actually cracking up.”

“Holly’s face when she realised she just swore…  #thismorning #hollywilloughby,” @Clivedrums penned.

@Tom_Muzzy_2001 stated: “Best part of the episode. #ThisMorning.”

The rest of the episode continued in the seasonal fashion as Gok Wan and Carol Vorderman donned Halloween outfits for their appearances.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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