Here’s who plays Gabriel in The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself

The B*stard Son & The Devil: Netflix teaser

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The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself has just launched on Netflix and the series is based on the book Half Bad by Sally Green. Many fan-favourite characters from the young adult novel have been brought to life on the small screen, including Gabriel. has all you need to know about who plays him.

Who plays Gabriel in The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself?

Gabriel is introduced later on in the series when Nathan (Jay Lycurgo) is sent on a mission to find out his real identity.

Throughout his whole life, he believed he was a Fairborn Witch, but there were fears he could in fact be a Blood Witch.

He was advised to seek help from a powerful witch called Mercury (Róisín Murphy) and she had an assistant called Gabriel.

Gabriel is played by Emilien Vekemans, an actor, film director and writer.

He may be recognised for playing Tom in the series ASKIP, le collège se la raconte.

He also starred as Roger Lagarrigue in Mixte, and Comédien Oedipe in Voltaire in Love.

His acting career goes back to 2013 when he played Max in the series Typique.

The star has many strings to his bow, having worked as a director on the short film Zoufs.

He acted as co-writer on the same project and later worked on the script for the project Clivage.

The star is on Instagram and he splits his time between Paris and Brussels.

He has been keeping fans up to date with his latest project and shared the trailer, expressing his excitement.

He said: “SO excited to show you what I did with this fabulous character. Hope you’ll like it.”

When the series was first announced, he had nothing but praise for his co-stars Nathan and Annalise.

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He gushed: “I had the chance to play the role of Gabriel with the two best co-stars @jaylycurgo & @nadia.parkes.”

Emilien graduated from the Institut des Arts de Diffusion and has since made a name for himself in theatre and films.

His latest role is as Gabriel Boutin, a cool-headed and gentle witch who was abandoned by his parents as a child.

His appearance in the series is very different from his description in the original source material.

In the series he is recognised by his short, white-blonde hair, tattoos and eccentric dress sense.

Meanwhile, in the book, he is described as having shoulder-length brown hair and olive skin.

Over the course of the series, he goes on an important journey of self-discovery with Nathan, who is the son of the most feared witch in the world.

Viewers have already fallen in love with his adaptation of the character and they hope season two is on the way.

The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself is on Netflix now.

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