Grantchester: Robson Green shares details on Geordie and Will friendship ‘Son I never had’

Grantchester: Robson Green stars in season six trailer

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Grantchester’s Geordie Keating (played by Robson Green) and Will Davenport (Tom Brittany) have shared a closer friendship since Will was first introduced in season four of the ITV series. Over the last three seasons, the two have become as thick as thieves, often helping one another throughout the town. recently sat down with the stars of the show to discuss what is in store for the pair this time.

Will Davenport has been the heart of the show for many fans since debuting in season four.

Now in the sixth season, he has grown and changed significantly, representing the younger generation moving in and changing the town of Grantchester.

However, on the other side, Geordie has remained the loveable realist he has always been, taking Will under his wing ever since he moved to the town.

The pair have already been through a great deal together and now that Grantchester itself is going from a moral dilemma, Will and Geordie’s friendship is being put to the biggest test yet. and other outlets recently spoke to the stars and discuss what is in store for Will and Geordie this time around.

One of the major impacts of how the friendship is represented is through the time period, as season six is now in 1958, Will and Geordie are handling the change very differently.

“We get the Americanization of the show because we get these American characters coming in and all these guys in the army and it kind of triggers Geordie,” Green explained, “thinking of how the army starts affecting his relationship.

“But obviously there was a lot coming in from abroad, the voices, the sounds.

“This is a huge backdrop to but there’s kind of outside international influences and it’s becoming more cosmopolitan.”

Brittany added: “You’re right, I mean I think the biggest thing about this particular time is the age difference with Geordie and [Will], being someone who didn’t fight in the war.

“And I think that’s really profound going into the 60s and stuff like that I’m sort of a liberal young guy who doesn’t have those, you know 30s, 40s kind of ideals I’m more going leaning towards the 60s kind of rock and roll hippie thing, and that’s where we sort of clash a little bit.”

The first two episodes of season six have already aired, but Geordie and Will’s impending clash hasn’t happened yet.

Will is eager to try new things in the sixth season, following on from the events at the end of season five.

After finally coming to terms with his struggles as a priest dealing with temptation, Will has accepted himself and changed.

However, Geordie is going in on himself in season six, witnessing how the changes in the town are impacted those close to him, especially Will.

Green continued: “Tom makes an important point about that age difference and it’s quite an interesting part that’s played out.

“Will is that kind of son I never had, but also what I went through in the war, he doesn’t understand and you know he believes in marching for peace whereas I see the world as it is.

“I think that message is really pushed through the series.”

There will be a total of eight episodes in season six, with six left to go ahead of the season finale on October 22.

For fans in the USA, the season premieres on October 10 on PBS, with episodes similarly releasing weekly.

Season seven is also in development, with both instalments being filmed back-to-back.

Filming is still underway now, with just a short gap between the schedules of seasons six and seven.

Grantchester season six is airing Fridays at 9pm on ITV.

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