Gordon Ramsay reveals wife Tana wants to 'try for baby number six' in lockdown

GORDON Ramsay has revealed that his wife Tana wants to "try for baby number six" in lockdown.

The pair are already mum and dad to 22-year-old Megan, 21-year-old twins Jack and Holly, 19-year-old Tilly and toddler son Oscar – who was born in April 2019.

But the 54-year-old chef has admitted that 46-year-old Tana is still broody, and believes the UK's third national lockdown is the perfect opportunity to try for one more.

Speaking to US TV host Jimmy Fallon, Gordon explained last night [4 January]: "Tana is asking for a sixth across the lockdown because literally two hours ago our Prime Minister has announced we are in lockdown now until the frigging 15th of February.

"So she said we have good news: 'You are up late talking to Jimmy. Tomorrow night we go for number six!’"

However, exasperated Gordon believes that the family have enough on their plate with new puppy Truffle, who they adopted in the Autumn.

He told the presenter that the pup still isn't house trained as he exclaimed: "Oh my goodness he has been a mess, and he is still going through that period of being house trained.

"You can always tell when the dog s***s because the smell rises and even before you open the bedroom door in the morning you think oh my God.

"It used to be gravy. Now it is dog s**t."

Gordon and former schoolteacher Tana tied the knot in 1996, and the pair are doting parents to their brood.

Gordon regularly shocks fans with surprise appearances in youngest daughter Tilly's TikTok videos – not taking himself too seriously as he joins in with funny dance routines and sketches.

He also regularly shares snaps and videos of his lookalike son Oscar, who will be two this year.

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