Gemma Collins is having £250 weight loss jabs to make herself slimmer as the truth behind her trimmer figure is finally revealed

GEMMA Collins has been having £250 weight loss injections to shed the pounds, with the secret behind her slimmer figure finally revealed.

The 38-year-old star has wowed fans with her new trim figure this year after losing three-stone.

Now The Sun Online can exclusively reveal that The GC is on new weight loss plan SkinnyJab, which are injections that act as an appetite suppressant.

The official website states that SkinnyJab "removes hunger from the equation", also reassuring that the suppressant used in the the plan regulates blood glucose levels that allows the body to turn stored fat into energy.

It boasts that the plan is suitable for anyone aged between 18 and 76 and the first programme last three weeks, costing £250.

Repeat jabs are £135 a pop and last two to four weeks.


THE SUN Online can exclusively reveal that the secret behind Gemma Collins' impressive three stone weight loss is SkinnyJab injections.

The jabs act as an appetite suppressant, reducing hunger and cravings to ensure that users eat less.

SkinnyJab report that it takes three days for their clients to experience a loss of hunger when on the plan, with a three week plan costing £250, and repeat pens £135 after that.

Fasting diets can typically be dangerous, with your body entering ketoacidosis, or "starvation mode" when cells aren't able to get enough glucose (sugar) for energy.

However, SkinnyJab reassure users that the appetite suppresant used in their plan regulates glucose, allowing the body to use stored fat for energy.

The website states: "This means that you can safely consume small portions without experiencing the undesired effects of starvation mode."

The company also insist that side effects are limited, with mild nausea affecting less than 1% of their patients.

There is also an on-hand medical team available, with all clients undergoing a full clinical health screening before they are provided with the jabs.

Gemma has lost a staggering three stone since appearing on Dancing On Ice at the start of the year, undergoing gruelling training sessions with her professional partner Matt Evers at the time.

The former Towie star has revelled in flaunting her trim figure to fans, regularly sharing images and videos to her social media accounts.

In April, Gemma posted a photo that suggested she'd lost the weight thanks to a vegan diet.

Posing in a white tracksuit, the TV favourite wrote: "Thanks for your weight loss comments my hard work is defo paying off #veganlifestyle #eatlifenotdeath."

She had also said that she insists on having a treadmill with her whenever she is on set filming for her new reality show, Diva Forever.

Meanwhile, Gemma's fitness instructor claimed that the blonde beauty is on a "no sugar and no carbs after 6pm diet" to ditch the pounds.

Vicky Young told new! Magazine at the time: "For breakfast she’ll have poached eggs, avocado, tomatoes on sourdough, then lunch will be a big salad with kale, peppers and avocado, with either chicken or tuna steak.

Can weight loss injections help you slim?

GEMMA has been relying on weight loss injections to help her lose weight, but do they actually work?

Dr Sarah Jarvis, clinical director at told The Sun: "There is no such thing as an injection which will help you lose weight safely.

"There is no sign within the website of any clinical studies or even what is in this product.

"That means it is unlikely to be regulated in any way, so you will have no idea what you are putting into your body.

"Any advert which sounds too good to be true usually is and could be damaging to your health."

"For dinner, I make her vegetarian curries, or sometimes it’s chicken and halloumi kebabs with peppers on a skewer with tzatziki salad."

Vicky added that the regime had left Gemma feeling happier and more energetic.

It was also believed that she had been exercising with the help of personal trainer – and fellow Towie alumni – Charlie King.

SkinnyJab was founded in February 2017, and the website states that all clients have to undergo a full clinical health screening and "comprehensive medical consultation" before they are provided with the product.

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