GB News sparks uproar with fresh attack on Prince Harry

Prince Harry has ‘thrown his family to the lions’ says Angela Levin

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The journalist launched into a fresh tirade against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as she appeared on Monday’s GB News to talk to host Dan Wootton about why the couple should be banned from the balcony during King Charles’ upcoming Coronation. During the conversation, Angela Levin explained how she thinks Prince Harry is “horrible, nasty, spiteful, and more” and suggested they shouldn’t be at the event, which led to a furious backlash from some viewers.

The royal biographer joined Dan on Monday’s GB News to give her take on the latest debate.

“Angela, do you think they should be banned from the balcony?” the presenter asked her.

“Absolutely,” she replied. “I was very, very fond of Prince Harry when I did his biographies.

“And now I just think he’s horrible, nasty, spiteful, resentful, spoiled, and more.”

She continued: “I’ve got more adjectives to use, but I think he’s just let people down.

“People who actually cared about the monarchy and cared about how he was and if he’d get married.

“We were really interested in him as if he was part of our own family.

“And now I just can’t stand him, I think his rudeness is beyond imagination.”

“And I think he actually, it would really sour the event for a lot of Brits if they were to see Harry and Megan on that balcony, alongside William and Charles and Kate and Camilla after everything that those two have said about our senior royals,” Dan chimed.

“I think it’s very difficult for King Charles,” Angela added. “Because he has his duty to the country and the Commonwealth, but he also has feelings of a father and he’s loved Harry. So it’s a very difficult one.

“But in this instance, I think you cannot have someone who says they hate the UK, who loves living in the USA, attacks their father and brother who is heir to the throne. You can’t have them there.

“Also, you can’t trust them, because they’ll sell everything that they can get to get another TV documentary.”

“Including private phone conversations, by the way, and private face-to-face conversations,” Dan added.

“Yeah, I think it will spoil it,” Angel went on. “I think it will really spoil it.

“They’ll also take over, all the papers would want to talk about them and how they are what they’re doing.

“So you have to get rid of them because this is King Charles’s day, his day and Camilla’s day, and they deserve to be absolutely respected and say what they want to say and be the King and Queen of the country.

“We don’t want somebody who really hates the monarchy there.”

Angela’s remarks sparked some backlash on social media, as some viewers told her and Dan to focus their attention elsewhere.

Twitter user @BuoyCornish wrote: “@angelalevin1 Not interested… it’s a non-story as usual.”

@debs_cath_jones penned: “@angelalevin1 Sound like a broken record Dan.”

“This is only a distraction from the real news of the day. Shameful,” fumed @shrewsburymon.

@Whiskyfett2 shared: “Dan still going on you ‘sad little man’.”

However, some agreed with the pair, with @jjbsm writing: “They should be banned from attending the coronation altogether.”

@DonTrav53031133 remarked: “@GBNEWS and @angelalevin1 ban them from England!”

Dan Wootton Tonight airs daily at 9pm on GB News.

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