Game of Thrones fans convinced bosses are remaking divisive finale after VERY cryptic tweet

GAME of Thrones fans are convinced that bosses are remaking the divisive finale after spotting a VERY cryptic tweet.

The last string of episodes received a mixed response from fans and critics alike when it hit screens in 2019.

The final season was without a doubt its most controversial, but a recent tweet have got fans hoping that a remake is on the horizon.

The official account posted: "Winter is coming."

This has prompted fans to discuss the final episode and speculate about a possible remake.

One fan wrote: “I’m currently re-watching the show and it physically hurts to know how unrewarding the finale is. If y’all can revive this franchise, it would be a miracle."

A second shared: “Between us I’m ALL IN on us pretending it’s early 2019, season 8 hasn’t happened yet, and doing the damn thing fresh. Our secret!” while someone else simply wrote: “Unless you erase and re-do season 8 no shit is coming.”

A third added: "Please do a remake of the final episode. It was a complete let down."

After eight seasons, 73 episodes and 200,000 slayings, the war for the Iron Throne came to an end on Sky Atlantic.

Fans around Britain were disappointed as the show ended with Bran Stark being crowned king of the six kingdoms.

Viewers were not happy that Bran had "won" the series by becoming ruler instead of show favourites Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark or Tyrion Lannister.

In a dramatic turn of events, viewers saw Bran become the ruler after Jon killed 'Mad Queen' Daenerys. But he only had six kingdoms after the North was given independence.

One fan tweeted: "We really waited 8 seasons for bran to be on the throne. Thanks for the laugh now give us the real ending please."

Fans were stunned to see Jon kill his beloved Daenerys to halt her deranged killing spree.

After putting a knife through her heart, Jon laid her on the ground with her heartbroken dragon, Drogon, weeping over his mother's dead body.

One fan wailed: "loved Game of Thrones so much but that last episode was so disappointing. gutted x."

Another grumped: "Seriously. F*** Game of Thrones. That episode best be a joke."

A third fumed: "Never investing into a TV show again how I did Game Of Thrones."

Others felt Bran was an undeserving ruler, tweeting: "Yeah, I don’t think Bran should’ve been king. I would’ve rather it have been Tyrion than anyone else!"

One other was just sad, writing: "Game of thrones you had me at first. Then disappointed. The entire last season was rushed and cut corners with the budget. Final episode was a disgrace."

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